Alvarez vs. Aoki rematch expected for Bellator

by Tony Loiseleur | source:

Eddie Alvarez may get his chance at revenge on Shinya Aoki yet. has learned that a clash between Bellator and Dream's respective lightweight champions Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki is being targeted for early 2012 in the Bellator Fighting Championships cage.

Bout agreements have been distributed, and both fighters are expected to sign shortly. confirmed the news with sources close to the situation on Wednesday.

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Peckerwood site profile image  

8/27/11 5:50 PM by Peckerwood

I can't stand Aoki...Hope Alvarez kicks his ass.

Peckerwood site profile image  

8/27/11 5:50 PM by Peckerwood

I can't stand Aoki...Hope Alvarez kicks his ass.

Lamonte Coleman site profile image  

8/27/11 3:20 PM by Lamonte Coleman

JZ is a monster and was universally ranked in the top 5 going into the first aoki fight, a lot of people had him top 3. He was absolutely murdering people in heros. Aoki used flying guard pulls to bring it into his world. Just an amazing talent. BTW i think the first jz aoki fight should've been a tko for JZ as he elbowed him in the shoulder, not the brain stem or whatever. Aoki firmly took the rematch. My god that dream lw tourney was epic.

The Loge site profile image  

8/27/11 7:56 AM by The Loge

Was it a bad match up for Aoki the first time around?

gw99 site profile image  

8/26/11 1:51 PM by gw99

bad matchup for Aoki

Nonlinear site profile image  

8/26/11 12:50 PM by Nonlinear

Always funny watching nips cry.

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/26/11 12:17 PM by Wasa-B

Add JZ to Alvarez and Kawajiri. People forget how much of a beast JZ was back then (i think both he and his former teammate Alves havent been the same post-injuries) and EVERYONE thought Aoki was gonna get killed. Same with Alvarez. I think Aoki is up there with Randy and maybe Forrest in proving people wrong, winning fights that they werent given a chance to win.And yes, to the one dimensional thing. People dont call strikers or wrestle/boxers that even they only fight standing. Using your wrestling to keep a fight standing is 2 dimensional then so is any grappler who is successfully able to take the fight to the ground (1 dimension) and then do your thing on the ground (2nd dimension). So far, in his entire career, Aoki's single fight in which he was not able to take the fight and fully engage on the ground has been Gil.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

8/26/11 7:02 AM by Nexuscrawlers

why is it so important for you to spend 5 pages trying to bash a fighter for not being in the UFC.get over it, it will be a good fight, and no cake walk for either fighter.

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/26/11 3:06 AM by Magnum TA

Again. What elite fighter has he beat outside of Japan? It's a common theme with almost all of them. It's just like Fedor, you can't give them the win until they show that they can do it. Until you fight and win in the UFC you can't be considered with the best.

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/26/11 3:04 AM by Magnum TA

Baret was never a good MMA fighter and Hioki dwarfed him too. Not a good combination. Regardless of that, If they rolled to the tap Baret would sub him first.