Shogun employs Strobe Training


Nike Vapor Strobe Glasses work by blocking most of the vision of either both eyes or one eye at a time for eight different periods of time. Nike made it so the higher the setting, the less time one sees out of each cycle. The athlete wears the glasses while doing training drills. The Nike Strobe Training Glasses teach the user to more efficiently judge distances, depth, movements, position of self and objects of regard, and hand-eye coordination.


Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe commercial


Strobe Training explanation

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runtelldat site profile image  

8/26/11 1:42 PM by runtelldat

So how is this going to help him when Forrest gets his back and chokes him out again?

BigBlack23 site profile image  

8/26/11 10:31 AM by BigBlack23

 Maybe Cecil Peoples should wear them during the prelims in hopes of improving his "view" on the main card fights that go the distance.  

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/26/11 3:02 AM by Magnum TA

Sounds like an excuse to me

ZugZug site profile image  

8/26/11 1:41 AM by ZugZug

Well actually, doctor, too much anaerobic training can lower your VO2 max, which is not good.You see your body begins to rely less on oxygen for energy and more on sugar. This can be detrimental to your performance so it's important to supplement your training with sufficient aerobic work to make sure your body doesn't shift.It's always best to make sure you're right before you correct someone, especially if you're going to do it rudely. :)

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/26/11 12:32 AM by Magnum TA

 Put two MMA fighters in the cage with each other and have them throw punches and do nothing else. 85% of the time they will both be gassed before the 3rd round. Even in fights where no takedowns or clinching takes place this is the case. Most good boxers can throw a fairly high volume of punches for 10-12 rounds without getting tired. Nick Diaz is a marathon runner than the guy can fight full throttle without stopping from bell to bell with ease. The guys who knock running are the ones who don't like doing it period. To say it does not work for fighting is beyond retarded. The majority of fighters who can fight with high intensity from start to finish are wrestlers and they run a lot growing up. Wrestling training is very primitive and they have the best carfio of MMA fighters by a mile. MMA is all about the next magic pixie dust. Strobe glasses, drinking your own urine, training with a snorkel in your mouth, wearing a gas mask etc etc. The majority of fighters in MMA that are not wrestlers can't fight from start to finish to save their lives so the results speak for themselves.

Tre Mendez site profile image  

8/26/11 12:31 AM by Tre Mendez

 Man, did they ever.. He looked awfully slow doing those sprints.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

8/26/11 12:27 AM by SKARHEAD

Slow running is aerobic....fighting is mostly aneorobic, explsion, recovery, explosion recovery. Long slow runs do NOT healp for the aneorbic burnout and recovery that is fighting.Have you ever even tried training both and then trying the results for yourself ? OBVIOUSLY not stop lying.Fighters these days are finding MUCH more direct speific results through high intensity aerobic interval training...Very intense and hard, but not 2 hours of running at 5 mph . long slow runs have their place in a fight, but it is of less importance than you think in comparison to aneorobic traing.Not sure why I even bothered typing that. You probably didn't even undertand it even w/ me dumbing it down and you just want to be "right" even though you're wrong and everyone here can see you embarrassing yourself because it's clear you're not educated on this subject AT ALL and certainly haven't tried ANY of it 1st hand.Your opinion is literally worthless.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

8/26/11 12:21 AM by SKARHEAD

Again, you clearly have ZERO idea what you're talking about.He has time for drilling technique and defense w/ his STRIKING COACH.And he spends other time set aside for conditioning w/ his S&C coach. @ totally seperate times.Whatever he did when he was w/ his conditioning coach has nothing to do w/ what he's doing w/ his striking coach.And vanderlei has ALWAYS ALWAYS had great conditioning and never gassed at 205lbs....and he NEVER EVER EVER had head movement in his ENTIRE CAREER.LOL @ blaming that and his KO loss on the snorkel. BWAHAHAHAHADude, it's obvious you just don't want to admit you're wrong while having ZERO ZERO idea about what you're typing. Let go of your ego, you're only making yourself look foolish anyway.

GC111 site profile image  

8/25/11 5:39 PM by GC111

That and just close your eyes instead of spending 250 on this overpriced crap.Or just simply be more observant of the movement of the ball. That's basically what it encourages you to do.

Magnum TA site profile image  

8/25/11 4:21 PM by Magnum TA

"they still use slow long runs as their primary form of cardio training."Because it works