Royce: I didn't negotiate to fight at UFC Rio

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Royce Gracie was a special guest on the press conference of UFC Rio, and talked exclusively with TATAME after the event. Without measuring words, Gracie revealed he didn’t negotiate to fight in the show, but he still wants to fight one last time. Check below the interview and know about what Royce said about UFC Rio and the growth of MMA in Brazil, among other things.

Guilherme Cruz: Did you imagine it’d be that huge?

Royce GracieMan, it’s been like that for years. It’s a snowball that is growing for years now. Everybody wants to see who the best fighter is. But, to find that out, you must get into the ring and figure it out (laughs). We’ll know it Saturday.

GC: Do you believe someday MMA will be as big here as it is on the United States?

RG: It already is. The tickets were sold out in one hour. On the United States it’s not that fast.

GC: Did you expect to be in this card? Are you upset not to be fighting in UFC Rio?

RG: We didn’t even start negotiating it. There’s no frustration. It’s all good.

Do you think to return or do you think you’re done?

RG: I have one more fight to do. But we have to know when it’s time to retire when you’re in this sport.

GC: And your time hasn’t come yet?

RG: It’s hard for a fighter to stop fighting.

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8/26/11 10:49 PM by sweepnchoke

TTT for Hoofs Gracie

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8/26/11 9:47 PM by My2cents

Edit: Roids not roofs. Damn auto correct

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8/26/11 9:46 PM by My2cents

You and Mad Tiger and JBob probably think you are being funny or clever or breaking some news the rest of us dont know. What you are being is an ass. What did you expect People to post in response to your post?? 'What? Royce was caught doing steroids?!?, thanks for the info guy!' or maybe " HAHAHA Good one! Roofs Gracie! Dude! You are a genius!!'. Is that what you hoped for with your post? Have a little respect.

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=P. Just making fun of your posting style...Yes, it is a LONG half-life.

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So, it has a SHORT half-life?

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Plus most athletes would NOT use Deca for performance gains, simply because unless it's stacked it's almost useless(except for joint injuries) and the fact that it has such a LONG half life, it's guaranteed you would fail a drug test even if it's been a year since your last dose...

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8/26/11 9:05 PM by RobbieH

200MGS, a SMALL amount is WAY over the normal NANOGRAM amount... Doctors usually prescribe it at 50-200MG's for injuries, so with Deca having such a LONG half life, just taking it for 4 weeks would put you WELL over 50-100 times the normal amount the body produces naturally...even if the test was done a year after taking it...Anyone using Deca for PERFORMACNE would be stacking it with test at least and be taking around 400 mgss per week for 10-15 weeks...

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Roids Gracie  

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8/26/11 8:42 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 did royce train with seagal?