Big Nog: I'm back, I'm back


"I'm back, you know? When I feel like some guys ask me in the interviews before the fight I was the underdog, I told you I like to be the underdog. When people don't believe in me, my energy comes inside. So I'm back."

"The fight was really tough. He threw me some good hands. At moments in the fight, I felt his uppercuts. But I believe in myself, I know I could change and I'm back. I'm feeling good and now I feel I can put my skills on. I've gotta improve a little bit more of my wrestling ... I'm back."


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StutheJu site profile image  

8/29/11 12:32 AM by StutheJu

Loved Nog's head movement last night. He showed surprisingly good reflexes. However, it's clear his lower body is shot. Judging from him having to ease himself slowly on the ground to finish Schaub and his significant struggles with climbing onto the top of the cage for his postfight celebration, the guy is as crippled as a 69 year old with 2 knee replacements. What a warrior though......

rockwell site profile image  

8/28/11 11:31 PM by rockwell

A football player who was ranked #10 consensus and the 6th best in the UFC.

JBob300 site profile image  

8/28/11 8:34 PM by JBob300

Good thing he used his dragon fists of fury to separate Brendan from his consciousness and not his baseball bat wooden legs!

NiteProwleR site profile image  

8/28/11 5:07 PM by NiteProwleR

lol@NOG taking upper levels of the division. yeah is the biggest milker in the sport.have some respect 11'er

dentalninja site profile image  

8/28/11 5:06 PM by dentalninja

Glad to see him KO Schaub. No one expected that, and Schaub is a punk who was going after Nog's 2-3x reconstructed knees with his kicks, all the while stating that he's fighting an idol/hero. What a douche.Kind of like when he KOed Crocop, folding his knee over on the fall, and then feeling like he needed to add to Mirko's concussion with an extra heavy blow or two before the ref could step in.Schaub falling flat on his face last night was the best moment of the whole card. I hope Nogueira chooses his fights wisely. If he does, I see some more good moments from one of the greatest HWs of all time.

Shooter Mcgavin site profile image  

8/28/11 4:55 PM by Shooter Mcgavin

He was out fir almost 2years give him a break just cause he got legibly ko'ed once doesnt mean he is done his last fight was practically a number one contender match and ya he got ko'ed but so what it happens not always looks semi slow and stiff that's just him he still has it and I think he will beat carwin and take some hard shots and everyone will be like Dam I guess I was wrong

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

8/28/11 4:20 PM by Jons Forsberg

I don't think anybody's hating on Nog, I'm was happy to see him win at home but let's not get carried away.

CAINtheBULL site profile image  

8/28/11 4:18 PM by CAINtheBULL

Schaub was Big Nog's Ryan Bader. Tito beat Bader and everybody started asking..."Is Tito back?" No. The moment Nog takes a fight at the upper levels of the division he'll get smoked.

FenceGrab site profile image  

8/28/11 4:16 PM by FenceGrab

People really hatin on Nog in this thread?WTF is wrong with people.Nog is a legend, and just beat a legit up and coming HW on a 4 fight win streak in the UFC, you know how many UFC hw's have 4 UFC wins in a row? Now many.

AGC IV site profile image  

8/28/11 4:12 PM by AGC IV

haha he looked slow as shit and stiff. Love Nog but he left around the mir fight and isn't coming back.