Palharaes blames Herb Dean for premature celebration, thanks God

by Damon Martin | source:

After dropping Dan Miller with a punch in the middle of the first round at UFC 134 last night, Rousimar Palhares followed up with a flurry of shots while his opponent was down on the ground.

After landing several shots Palhares leapt to the top of the cage and raised his hands in victory.

However, Herb Dean never stopped the fight.

In the end, Palhares pulled out a unanimous decision win.

Following the event, Palhares explained why he celebrated prematurely.

“He said, ‘Stop, stop, stop’ so I stopped,” Palhares said about referee Herb Dean. “I thought the fight was over so I jumped onto the top of the cage.”

“God is on my side,” said Palhares. “So I can win once, twice, three times.”

Upon replay, Dean never appears to say anything while Miller is down on the ground and Palhares was standing over him.

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Palharaes' trainer the legendary Murilo Bustamante recounted the events a little differently.

Just to clarify what happenned during Toquinho's fight yesterday night in UFC 134 in Rio..

He told me that he stoped bc his opponent said "stop stop" when he was punching him hard...

Then he stop to hit him and thought that fight was over and went to celebrate....

Who can say now that Toko isn't a fair fighter? He is just too naive, but he has a big heart

I think as everyone that watched the fight that Toko should have won the fight of the night.

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Miller’s manager and trainer, Mike Constantino of AMA Fight Club, flatly denies that Miller verbally tapped.

“Dan assures me he did not say a word during that exchange,” Constantino wrote in an email to “Needless to say that with the loud crowd, the language barrier, the adrenaline rush and every other factor involved -- including ‘do not stop until the ref pulls you off’ -- I do not believe that Toquinho pulled up because of Dan murmuring ‘stop, stop.’ The fact remains that Dan Miller did not say ‘stop, stop’ -- there is no need to argue the toughness and mettle of Dan Miller, however I just have to put the facts on the table after hearing this.”

“Dan assumed Herb stopped the fight. Once he heard us screaming to turn around and the fight wasn’t stopped, he ran across the Octagon to continue fighting.”

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jct71 site profile image  

8/30/11 11:14 AM by jct71

If he clearly tapped verbally, show the evidence.

jct71 site profile image  

8/30/11 9:28 AM by jct71

I feel he is just not that bright and it will cost him in bigger fights.

JBob300 site profile image  

8/30/11 7:13 AM by JBob300

ya, any short word could have thrown up a flag for paul harris...he doesnt speak english at all...

Anonydude site profile image  

8/30/11 2:00 AM by Anonydude

Toquinho means "tree stump". Yes he is built like one but I think it could easily mean he is also as dumb as a fucking stump! Great fighter, very entertaining. I can't wait to see what crazy shit he tries to pull off next

thebasher site profile image  

8/30/11 1:58 AM by thebasher

went too far

thebasher site profile image  

8/30/11 1:57 AM by thebasher

I should expect this from a notorious troll like you but it's clear he verbally tapped.Only reason more credibility given to Miller is his nationality. The danger of this cover-up is that Mr Harris will not exercise such discretion in the future

HELWIG site profile image  

8/30/11 1:03 AM by HELWIG

" BJ didn't stop that fight. Sherk was fucked up and fights can be called after the round ending horn." Incorrect. The round ends and BJ celebrates and taunts the dazed Sherk telling him "stay down". The ref drags ass and Sherk then doesnt react in a way that says he is gonna come out for round 2. BJ's corner is in the cage celebrating and then the fight is declared over. Totally unacceptable.


8/30/11 12:18 AM by K-Dub-"T"

Hmmmm. that also seems ... plausible. But,,...... did he yell anything that could be mistaken for 'stop'?  

BshMstr site profile image  

8/30/11 12:04 AM by BshMstr

i dunno....i think if the ref handles the cage, then he would have minimized much of this. i don't agree with a ton of stuff Palhares did, but Herb should have stopped him or addressed the issues...IMO, the responsibilty lies on the fighter, as well as the ref and officials equally.....

MMAxNate site profile image  

8/29/11 10:40 PM by MMAxNate

I think hes gonna fishtail this back the other way and end up doing some serious damage next time he gets a hold of a limb.