Rich Franklin: Jon Jones is the only person who can beat Jon Jones


Rich Franklin recently conducted a Q&A with fight fans, and discussed the UFC light heavyweight champion.

:"I think the only person who can beat Jon Jones at this point in time is himself. He's a young guy, the world is coming at him fast and I think his game is whether or not he can maintain focus.

"I remember the first time I met Jon in person ... there was a group of fighters and I was walking up to the group and Jon's back was to me. As I walked up to him I was looking at him and thinking 'Who is this heavyweight?' I kept walking around and around and I was like 'Oh my word, he's enormous!'

"To kind of put things in perspective, he has an 84-inch reach. Tim Sylvia, who is four inches taller than him, has an 80-inch reach. To deal with that kind of reach is insane.

"I think if he can keep his head straight he'll run that division for awhile."

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Recent Comments »

Kirik site profile image  

4/27/15 3:49 PM by Kirik

Ace nailed that one

mchase126 site profile image  

9/7/11 2:27 PM by mchase126

Just because one meditates doesn't automatically make them a headstrong person, let alone the most such person in all of MMA. It's like saying "I train in Muay Thai, so I can beat Anderson Silva". If nothing else, it proves that he has already acknowledged that he needs to be mentally stronger and thus is the reason he meditates (although I don't believe that is the case because I think he believes he is physically and mentally stronger than just about anyone).And a huge LOL at the Hamill loss. You obviously have no clue what I'm talking about, because he DESTROYED Hamill and only lost by DQ. I'm talking about ACTUALLY losing, like when someone puts him to sleep and he realizes he isn't invincible. Losing because of someone elses ruling doesn't hold a candle to actually getting beat. If you ever been on the wrong end of an ass-kicking, then you know what I'm saying. It completely changes you in your own head.

32m site profile image  

9/2/11 4:50 AM by 32m

Anderson is on a different doubt. He is on a level of MW and has no intention to cut less weight which is easier for him to do and fight Jon Jones. He has already cleaned out his division but is too scared to move up and fight Jones.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

9/2/11 4:16 AM by Jons Forsberg

Rich is one of the most intelligent well spoken dudes in MMA by far.

haya1340 site profile image  

9/2/11 1:03 AM by haya1340

Get Off his nuts, yeah from what he has shown he is crazy talented but this shit is getting old, dude beats some mid level guys a hurt shogun and one dimensional bader with a punch you know is coming and everyone starts this GOAT shit and comparing him to Silva or even worse acting like he would wreck silva ( who probaly has had harder training workouts then anyone JBJ has fought) So kill this noob talk and wait till he at least defends the belt.

ednzo777 site profile image  

9/1/11 2:45 PM by ednzo777

to many Challengers at Anderson to fight. hes afraid of JBJ and Shogun.When asked if he would fight Shogun.he said he doesnt want to move up to 205 because machida is there but he ignored the question in general and also no one said it was a permenant move.Now JBJ becomes champ he says no again

Kimbos Lice site profile image  

9/1/11 2:09 PM by Kimbos Lice

It's funny how the fans feed Jones's ego. When this guy loses his title, there's going to be excuses galore.

Systema site profile image  

9/1/11 2:08 PM by Systema

All I'm saying is let him fight a healthy top 205 contender in his prime. I can't think of anyone better fitting than Machida.What jones has done so far is Fedored a bunch of Tim Silvia's. Still very impressive and vicious but as DW would say, let him fight the best.No question he's very very good. But no reason to believe he's the best, and plenty of holes in his game.

comstock2491 site profile image  

9/1/11 1:56 PM by comstock2491

Jon Jones is an amazing fighter. He is young and talented. In the coming years, he is going to become amazing (provided his ego doesn't get in the way, ala Lesnar). That being said: Anderson Silva is on a different level. He is incredibly competent at many styles: muay thai, muay boran, (to some extent, capoeria), BJJ, etc. He is PROFICIENT in these styles. Jon Jones certainly has learned bits and pieces of everything, but he doesn't have the developed skill set that Anderson Silva has. In my personal opinion, Jones is in the wrong camp for his style. Anderson plays to his strongest points, and is very analytical when it comes to his opponents weak points. Jones doesn't have that capability (yet). That being said, Anderson is easily the greatest fighter of this generation.

Cerrone's Cowgirl site profile image  

9/1/11 10:09 AM by Cerrone's Cowgirl

 Dude, look at what I posted before - it's pretty obvious a guy who writes like that has no idea on what's going on.