Popovich: I would have grappled Eddie Bravo at ADCC for free

source: crooklynscorner.com

With the recent controversy over the circumstances surrounding the proposed ADCC match between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie still on the minds of the fans and media, we were able to get Pablo’s opinion regarding the situation:

“Man, my opinion is Royler wanted a lot of money, and supposedly, the sheikh knew about that, because I was there, training with him, while this whole conversation was happening, in Abu Dhabi. He wanted too much money, and then, he wasn’t worth it to them, to invest..."

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Farthammer site profile image  

9/4/11 11:28 PM by Farthammer

Eddie Bravo invented the ADCC. And whenever you post a comment, it's actually called Mission Control.

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

9/4/11 10:54 PM by Roidie McDouchebag

LOL, nice troll, Crooklyn.I'd fight Eddie for free too...but Eddie only grapples, he's never been in a fight in his life.

ThatsHowIRoll site profile image  

9/4/11 10:41 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

 ^^ agreed, thought he called him out as soon as I read it. well done

night fox site profile image  

9/3/11 5:15 PM by night fox

The title made me think he was challenging Eddie, but I see why you did it. If it had been an accurate description of the article I wouldn't have clicked it.You got me.

Crooklyn site profile image  

9/3/11 3:34 PM by Crooklyn

the "would've" is important because it indicates that the statement is conditional and you need to read the article to find out what that condition is (he would've - "if he were in roylers shoes") as it doesnt fit in the headline The headline is a direct quote and when it is in context the intention is the same, I dont see how you can say it is a misrepresentation of his statement  Thanks to Skullbong from the Rogan Board for the above quote, in reference to this issue.

poolparty site profile image  

9/3/11 3:04 PM by poolparty

yeah mislead title, popovitch is reasonable and respectful in his interview.

joshjitsu site profile image  

9/3/11 12:41 AM by joshjitsu

Honestly? I like both guys but come on, Popovitch would run through Eddie like a freight train. Popovitch is in the prime of his career, is a ADCC champion, is younger and out weighs Bravo by 2 weight classes. Not to mention Pablo has pretty much run through everyone short of Marcelo Garcia in the past few years.

1ChromosomeTooMany site profile image  

9/3/11 12:16 AM by 1ChromosomeTooMany

 Especially now that Popovitch has called him out.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

9/3/11 12:07 AM by The Notorious OMG

it's the UG News blueprint

thforklift site profile image  

9/2/11 11:58 PM by thforklift

 I would looooooooooooveee to see Popovitch vs Bravo.