Jakob Volkmann: I collect coins, Bellator is crap

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UFC Lightweight Jacob Volkmann isn't a man who will keep his opinions to himself. The man who is nicknamed "Christmas" once told Joe Rogan after a victory inside the Octagon that he'd like to fight The President, which caused a visit from the Secret Service.

AddictedMMA: You have been involved in some situations as of late that some people called controversial. Is that just the personality you have, speak you mind at all costs, or do you feel things have been overblown by the media?

Jacob Volkmann: I speak the truth and am not afraid to speak. The government is run by a bunch of morons that vote on which lobbyist pays the most. They make policies on things they do not understand, like Obamacare.

AddictedMMA: After your win against Danny Castillo at the UFC on Versus 5 card, do you have any idea on who is your next opponent, or is there anyone you would like to face?

JV: No idea, but I would like Donald Cerrone, Clay Guida, Ben Henderson, or Melvin Guillard.

AddictedMMA: You made your lone appearance for Bellator back at Bellator 7 in 2009. With the tournament format there used to decide title shots, is there a part of you that would have liked to stay in the promotion and made a run at one of the promotions titles?

JV: No Bellator is crap.

AddictedMMA: And finally, because we are AddictedMMA, what is Jacob Volkmann addicted to?

JV: I collect coins.

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GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

9/5/11 6:52 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Nobody has complained about not getting paid. Which not for nothing, but a company doesn't get credit because they haven't ripped off fighters. But more then 1 fighter has complained publicly about how Bellator does business, mainly Dave Herman, but also Paul Bradley (I think it was him?) and recently Mike Hayes as well. And they are not the only ones. A LOT more do so behind the scenes, but just keep their mouths shut to the public, because they have nowhere else to make any type of real living at this, or have a chance at getting some exposure to get themselves to the UFC. Which is the goal of 99% of the fighters in Bellator, if not 200%. Hell, just look at the ridiculous nonsense they pulled that has led to the lawsuit against them & Conman Pavia by Zuffa.

TheTakeover site profile image  

9/5/11 6:47 PM by TheTakeover

His last fight was very entertaining.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

9/5/11 6:44 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

And mdh2k10, as such a self proclaimed authority on all things MMA, exactly what do you think Bendo did, that he should've won the fight against "gatekeeping lay & prayer" Guida? And lol @ the ignorant dunce calling Guillard a crackheasd who hasn't beaten anyone (21 fights against UFC level competition, only 5 losses), and asking what Cerrone has shown (16 fights against UFC/WEC level competition, 12-3-1 record), and then calling other people fake MMA fans. Awesome.

Focker101 site profile image  

9/5/11 6:42 PM by Focker101

 I have never heard any fighter complain Bellator never paid them they put on exciting fights, for free As fans of the sport we need to support this company Oh and I remember when the talk was WEC fighters are great but they would not make it in the UFC seems to me there doing just fine. you would never know how guys like Askren, Lombard etc would do until they get there  

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

9/5/11 6:30 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Pretty funny that with all the available qualified people out there for the job, they hire Sam Caplan as matchmaker.Then again, Bjorn seems much more interested in making a name for himself, and shoehorning himself into every single media opportunity possible, then building the sport or it's athletes. That whole embarrassing fiasco with him sorta stalking Scott Coker is him in a microcosm.

NAAFS site profile image  

9/5/11 3:20 PM by NAAFS

Sam is a great matchmaker and very fair when it comes to signing talent. I can tell you from experience that what samurai is implying is untrue. Alvarez, Warren,Hornbuckle, Lozano, Askren and Lombard are world class fighters who I feel would do well in the ufc. Bellator is bringing in some great young studs that will make them even deeper in the coming years. They are also working on a true minor league system which will impact the sport in a very positive way. The Ufc is a great organization no doubt and put the sport on the map but Bellator is carving out their own brand and will be one of the few promotions that will be around in 5 or 10 years. IMHO

Mike F site profile image  

9/5/11 3:19 PM by Mike F

This is a guy who knows his fights hold the entertainment value of a kick to the groin. The guy obviously has some serious ground skills, it just doesn't transfer into fights people want to see. His two options are talking random shit to make the MMA fanbase notice him, and calling out guys who regularly grace the main card. He's pulled out both tactics in one interview. Somehow, I'm still not interested.

JBob300 site profile image  

9/5/11 2:58 PM by JBob300


suess site profile image  

9/5/11 2:56 PM by suess

what has he done that's so bad you would say something like this? 

JBob300 site profile image  

9/5/11 2:50 PM by JBob300

He deserves it, this country is basically 50/50 republican democrat, what the fuck did u expect asshole?You know why no one else gets "stabbed" because they dont grab the mic after a win and talk about politics because NO ONE FUCKING GIVES A SHIT.