Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida agreed to for UFC on FOX

by Damon Martin | source:

Two of the top lightweights in the UFC are set to battle at the first ever Fox event on Nov 12 with former WEC champion Ben Henderson facing Clay Guida in Anaheim.

Sources close to the match-up confirmed the bout to on Tuesday after first being reported by Yahoo! Sports. Neither fight camp has been able to be reached for confirmation on the bout, however sources have indicated verbal agreements are in place for the fight.

The fight between Henderson and Guida has long been rumored and now it’s set to go down.

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jct71 site profile image  

9/7/11 9:10 AM by jct71

LOL at a flurry at the closing clap, the last 10 seconds of being dominated unanimously for 3 rounds. Miller total strikes = 24, Bendo 119. Bendo 7 takedowns to zero. Thats called domination. You are grasping at the last 10 seconds like it meant anything.

Dooky Belt Deluxe site profile image  

9/7/11 9:09 AM by Dooky Belt Deluxe

Guida takes this... sorry guys.

warheart209 site profile image  

9/7/11 8:49 AM by warheart209

experience and guts? thats why in the closing 10 clap of the 3rd round Jim was taking it to Bendo as Bendo ran away from jim not wanting to get ktfo...k

RJJH site profile image  

9/7/11 8:43 AM by RJJH

 to me, it's a big fucking letdown.

jct71 site profile image  

9/7/11 8:40 AM by jct71

LOL at decisioned Jim Miller being the whole story there. That was domination that Miller has never experienced and his guts kept him from being finished a couple of times. Bendo beats Guida and Pettis in a rematch if Pettis ever climbs the ladder again.

jct71 site profile image  

9/7/11 8:36 AM by jct71

There will be blood...and hair!

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/7/11 8:30 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Hopefully Bendo does his due diligence and trains to not be Clay N Prayed.

clayra site profile image  

9/7/11 8:09 AM by clayra

Bendo is one of my favs. Hope he wins this. Altough I like Guida and he's improved dramatically over the last 2 years. Still hoping Ben takes this in a FOTN

warheart209 site profile image  

9/7/11 7:06 AM by warheart209

1. "Bendo" -Lost to Anthony Pettis who got man handled by Gate-Keeper Guida.2. "Bendo" -Decisioned Jim Miller who has choked everytime he has fought top comp ie franky/maynard.3. How is 2-1 with 2 decision wins "Big-Time". You make it sound like hes 2006 Chuck Liddel and is on a 7 fight KO spree.4. Gate-Keeper Guida by decision easily; bank on that, bet on that, profit off that

slamming site profile image  

9/7/11 6:57 AM by slamming

Praying to the em em aye deities that Benderson gets the win.