Fedor returns to the cage vs. Jeff Monson 11/12 in Russia

source: bloodyelbow.com

Nov 12th vs Fedor in Russia M-1 confirmed

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Fedor Emelianenko will attempt to break his three-fight losing streak on November 12 against Jeff Monson.

M-1 Global co-found Vadim Finkelstein announced that Emelianenko's next fight would take place in Russia.

Emelianenko and Monson were originally targeted for BodogFIGHT in March of 2007. Negotiations fell apart, and Matt Lindland ended up fighting the Russian in St. Petersburg.

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rockwell site profile image  

9/10/11 1:01 AM by rockwell

 Good post FF. Monson is a very dangerous grappler but he is not elite in MMA right now. However, considering Fedors recent demise, he's not a bad opponent. Fedor needs to get a 1 in the win column. Simple as. He's not fighting to be a top 10 guy or any such thing. He's fighting to stay in the game.

rockwell site profile image  

9/10/11 12:55 AM by rockwell

Well by your own dumb logic was Anderson on a 3 fight losing streak at the time? Was Cote any more of a threat to Anderson at that time than Monson is at this time? Stop being a whiny bitch and just enjoy the fights.

Doctor mma site profile image  

9/8/11 9:50 AM by Doctor mma

 At top 20? he was ranked #25 at april and lost since, and he should have jumped 16 places up by losing? You Fedor fans are amazing. If Fedor fans would be Silva fans or BJ Penn fans or GSP fans, how big this sport could be, when people so delusional would be hyping the real fighters up...?

FerrozzoFan site profile image  

9/8/11 9:41 AM by FerrozzoFan

you made a very solid post till the end. beating monson does not help Fedor claim his position back. beating monson is just a confidence builder and gets him back in the game. If Fedor wins he should just kiss some major UFC ass and hope to god to get a contract. Unless Dream throws him a bone his career is about to stall out/end. There are no fights for him outside of strikeforce/ufc and M-1 cant pay him shit. he is probable fighting for peanuts for M-1 and being told he is building their brand, which is pretty non existent.

xakx site profile image  

9/8/11 8:57 AM by xakx


cqjnell site profile image  

9/8/11 6:51 AM by cqjnell

Should be a pretty competitive fight. They are truly on the same level. Fedor has proven that he can't hang with top competition. Even match, imo. Everyone can forget about Fedor coming to UFC and dominating, thereby silencing all the critics. Not happening. He will always be know as the greatest heavyweight/overall fighter of his era, which is OVER!

user guest site profile image  

9/8/11 5:39 AM by user guest

You people don't know what you guys are talking about. Jeff Monson is a one of a kind grappler. He has won in ADCC, getting recently a bronze medal there, and also fought for the HW title in the UFC not too long ago against a prime Sylvia, who was scary good, in what was a very close fight. He also weilds a victory over a top tier and then ranked Kharitonov in less than 2 minutes, by submission. The same Kharitonov that wrecked Arvloski, Overeem, Schilt, Ninja, Werdum, and others. Monson is strong, crafty, and very smart.He is no different than Anderson fighting someone like Maia, or Pierre fighting Shields. Sure his striking is bad, and his takedowns are so-so, but his submission abilities are top 2-3 in the division, bested only by Werdum and MAYBE Gonzaga. Monson also just very recently beat Roy Nelson in one of the best fights of recent times. He is definately ranked, and any non-Zuffa zombie should have him at #9-12 in the top 20 at the moment. A win over Fedor would be huge, but if Fedor can beat Monson that will surely be a sign that he is back in top form, and back to claim his rightful position as the best HW in the world.

Zero1 site profile image  

9/8/11 5:30 AM by Zero1

I love Fedor. He is my favorite MMA Fighter BUT he is done. He will loose again. It´s not about building things up again. He is not into it any more and we will never see the old Fedor again it doesn´t matter who he will fight in the future....

SavageAcE site profile image  

9/8/11 3:42 AM by SavageAcE

Ill be watching...win/lose, Fedor always has entertaining fights.At one Time IMO, he was the best in MMA.....No modern MMA fighter could beat him in his PRIME....Nobody has more p4p skill IMO.Fedor is the GOAT........When your are the GOAT, you will have haters.

BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane site profile image  

9/8/11 3:29 AM by BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane

  From: stonepony Posted: 3 hours ago Member Since: 9/1/11 Posts: 11 Try not to be as obvious next troll.