GSP expects to finish Nick Diaz



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9/8/11 11:23 AM by mchase126

It doesn't seem like that's what he thinks at all, just what you are inferring from it.I think he is saying GSP is the "Golden Boy" who can be the face of the organization and be the natural pick for all of the major sponsorships because of his attitude and professionalism. The problem is; a lot of fans are starting to get tired of him saying he will finish the fights, when we are almost certain a Decision is coming, so we are getting bored and less likely to buy his PPVs and such.Diaz, on the other hand, is the perfect anti-hero. It's like that old adage about watching a train wreck. People may think of his behavior as disgraceful, but they will still watch. He is already exciting as hell, imagine if he finished one of the two p4p best in the world..Moot point anyway, since he got pulled.

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9/7/11 10:05 PM by ICEMAN1245

He doesn't finish anybody he's a boring fighter he will beat condit though by another 5 round boring performance like always can't wait to see silva knock his ass out

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9/7/11 8:26 PM by RML

A lot of great Jedi have three part names. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and now Georges St-Pierre.


9/7/11 8:06 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 FInished Nick without touching him. Impressive.

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9/7/11 7:35 PM by Asian Keyboard Warrior

Say what u want about gsp but he just finished nick diaz. He is a goat

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9/7/11 7:35 PM by Asian Keyboard Warrior

He used it against bj penn as well

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9/7/11 7:28 PM by rockreptile

fn GSP using his new techniques; jedi mind tricks

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9/7/11 7:26 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

 This just ruined my day! :(

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9/7/11 5:59 PM by Brock Groom DFW lost the game

Lol at the thread title GSP expects to finish Diaz!!! He's certainly done that. Haha.

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9/7/11 5:53 PM by Slash

FUCK THIS SHITNick, I was pulling for you like I've never before for any fighter. Ever.Like Nick Diaz will even read this thread