Bigfoot: I am cheering for Josh Barnett


Guilherme Cruz: What are the expectations for the fight against Daniel Cormier? You’ve had your opponent replaced at the last minute…

BigfootYeah. Everything’s changed. I was fighting a striker, then they told me it’d be Daniel, who’s a good athlete, has fought eight times and won every single one... He’s a wrestler, a guy who knows how to bang, has good takedowns. We didn’t have the chance to see him fighting on the ground yet, so… I’m doing great on the stand-up game, thanks’ God and (Luis Carlos) Dorea, who fixed some of the mistakes I used to make and helped me a lot. Dos Santos gave me many tips too.

GC: What do you guess it’ll happen on the other semifinals, between Barnett and Kharitonov?

BF: It won’t be an easy fight for Josh. Kharitonov has pretty heavy hands and he’s much experienced, just like Josh is. He’s really experience, he’s been fighting since Pride. He really want to win this, and people could tell it when he fought Arlovski and he put on a great show, but I’m cheering for Josh. I guess he’ll win, he’s much more complete. He’s an athlete who plays well all kinds of games. He’s like a chamaleon, he’s good anywhere the fight goes.

Differently of him, I’m cheering for him. Unlike him, because he’s a guy who wants Cormier to win. Also, I read an interview on which he said he’s fighting Cormier on the finals. Unlike him, I want him to win. First because he’s a better fighter, and second I want to fight him on the finale. I guess he doesn’t want to fight me. He must be crossing his fingers so that Daniel Cormier beats me, but I won’t make it easy on him.

GC: Josh gave an interview on which he claimed your only advantage is your size. What do you think of that?

BF: That’s funny, each one is better in one area. Dos Santos’ advantage is his hands, which are heavy. Nogueira’s advantage is his ground game, which is pretty sharp. Each one is good in one area. He said my advantage is my size, so let it be. Let’s go there and show him sometimes size ain’t just gonna do it.

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Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva fightst Daniel Cormier this Saturday night, in the semifinals of the Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix.

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9/9/11 7:06 PM by epwar

TTT for Team Bigfoot!   He's got this...Strikeforce GP champ 2011...UFC champ 2012!

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9/9/11 12:56 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Too bad God forget to help him beat the roid test, costing him a year of income, and a whole bunch of lawyer fees.

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everyone knows god wraps hands and handles the stopwatch on the speedbag, newb

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9/8/11 6:48 AM by ironkong

odd how people are shitting on barnett when BIGFOOT and his friend fabricio were the ones who STARTED all the shit back in the opening of the tournment.

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9/8/11 3:12 AM by clayra

cheering for Cormier though

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9/7/11 5:32 PM by Madmuzzy

So god is helping him with his stand up? is he holding pads for him?

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9/7/11 4:57 PM by Wovito

I like him too. He looked great against Frodo. Hopefully he brings the pain on Saturday.

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9/7/11 4:27 PM by MattBenwa

Yup, he has an attitude that is sorely missing amongst most fighters these days, I cannot help but to be a fan.