Diaz removed from main event; GSP will now fight Carlos Condit at UFC 137

source: mmafighting.com

In a stunning development, Nick Diaz has effectively gone missing in action from the UFC, forcing company president Dana White to remove him from a UFC 137 welterweight championship match with Georges St-Pierre.

Diaz will be replaced by Carlos Condit, who was already scheduled to fight on the same night.

Diaz had been scheduled for press conferences Tuesday in Toronto and Wednesday in Las Vegas. White said that Diaz missed a series of flights for his Canada trip, and hasn't been heard from him since Monday night after the company tried to re-book him multiple times.

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migwar site profile image  

9/8/11 6:15 PM by migwar

Missing Pressers is bad enough, But going AWOL from your own camp is totally unprofessional.This is his Job, Yes he gets paid to fight. But UFC can only pay him if they promote their business. Sounds like small minded thinking from Diaz

strikefitnessoutlawmma site profile image  

9/8/11 1:27 PM by strikefitnessoutlawmma

diaz would be a better sell, but condit has better chance

mchase126 site profile image  

9/8/11 11:39 AM by mchase126

Cro Cop has always been a professional. He wasn't too media friendly, but he also didn't put the company image in jeopardy. Diaz has been on thin ice in Zuffa's eyes, especially after the Mayhem Strikeforce brawl went down. Not to mention he supposedly swore to Dana he would play the game right this time. Him skipping the conference basically says to Dana: "Fuck you and your game, I'm here to fight" Uncle Dana don't take kindly to that. He's the boss and wants it HIS way.Super bummed about the loss of this match-up as well as fucking up BJ-Condit, but Nick did kind of get what he deserved. Hope they don't cut him though.

rowil site profile image  

9/8/11 5:45 AM by rowil

This sucks. I'm absolutely not a Diaz fan, pretty much the opposite actually, but I was looking forward to this fight and finally having him shut up.

Jefe Maton site profile image  

9/8/11 4:33 AM by Jefe Maton

I smell a rat here....I think dana was thinking about future Fox numbers with GSP headlining it. Giving Condit a month to get ready for the biggest opportunity of his life...that sucks. I think Dana knew that Diaz was gonna wreck GSP and didnt want Diaz as the face of the new shiny family friendly Fox Ufc. I think he was waiting for diaz to do one wrong move to kick him outta the fight. Dammit I was looking forward to this fight.

fedro site profile image  

9/8/11 3:57 AM by fedro


runster site profile image  

9/8/11 3:55 AM by runster

""It was almost comical when, in the middle of the news conference, White's cell phone rang. Cesar Gracie, Diaz's manager, was on the other end of the line. Gracie, though, wasn't pleading for one last chance.Gracie agreed with White's decision and told him so."I've stuck up for Nick, even when he was wrong before," Gracie told MMAjunkie.com. "But he's let a lot of people down. He's let his team down. We all bought plane tickets to Vegas. We got hotel rooms booked, paid for. We've got all that, and Nick just decided not to go to something he's supposed to. They're paying him a lot of money, and in this economy where people don't have money, he's blessed. He should be thanking God every night how blessed he is.""""That's why White couldn't have gone forward with the fight card with Diaz in the main event. This is a guy who slipped out the back door at Gracie's home as Gracie was preparing to drive him to the airport."""""Am I supposed to move forward with this fight and feel confident that this kid is going to show up to fight?" White said. "He's running and hiding from his camp, his team. I'd rather pull the fight now than not have him show up the night of the event."""

r_o_y site profile image  

9/8/11 3:49 AM by r_o_y

they wouldn't have even signed the fight if they were worried about protecting gsp.

QBBX51 site profile image  

9/8/11 3:48 AM by QBBX51

with Diaz? thrice.cant think of any other major tucking other than maybe Jon Jone's hand injury....

r_o_y site profile image  

9/8/11 3:43 AM by r_o_y

if diaz was going to duck on the small stuff than what was he gonna do when the big fight came? i dont knowit's an odd situation...has this ever even happened before?