Big Nog versus Frank Mir rematch scheduled for UFC 140


A heavyweight standoff between two big names has been booked for December, as former UFC heavyweight champions Minotauro Nogueira and Frank Mir have verbally agreed to rematch at UFC 140 in Toronto.

"Both men are known as two of the premiere submission specialists in the division but have shown dangerous striking skills as well," said UFC president Dana White.

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Bob Saget site profile image  

9/8/11 4:40 PM by Bob Saget

Thats why I was hoping he would retire on a high note.Nog doesnt need to get hurt again.But if he wins thatd be nice.

InspiritMick site profile image  

9/8/11 4:13 PM by InspiritMick

Maybe I used the wrong wording as Nog has always been one of my tope 3 fighters, since he anaconda'd Herring actually, I won money on him against Shaub and danced around the room like a little girl when he KO's him. Anyhoo, point is every fighter needs a bit of luck but mostly it is skill or in Nog's case an amazing chin, great boxing and out of this world BJJ for MMA. I think what I am saying is that Nog has had a lot of come back wins and those ruling him out for looking slow and plodding in recent fights (I disagree he looked that way against Shaub) are wrong to say this might lead to him losing. whilst Shaub isn't top 5, he is a good win. Nog does what he has to to win and still is. So I take him to beat Mir this time assuming no injury.How's that for qualifying my post....OK?

Systema site profile image  

9/8/11 12:12 PM by Systema

how do u figure it's luck?? Only someone who has never trained in the sport would write something like that. Nog is a professional and a better fighter than Schaub. That's why he won. As the earlier post says, rewatch that fight. He used great movement, kept coming forward, and set up the KO perfectly. There was no luck there.

InspiritMick site profile image  

9/8/11 12:12 PM by InspiritMick


ILike2EatPoop site profile image  

9/8/11 12:07 PM by ILike2EatPoop

Wow, hopefully this isn't the main event. Never thought I'd consider skipping a UFC 20 minutes from me.... Atleast i'll be in Vegas for New Years I guess

suess site profile image  

9/8/11 11:53 AM by suess

 Mir by TKO or KO

Whambo site profile image  

9/8/11 11:52 AM by Whambo

I don't like this fight at all. Mir is on the upswing, he's gotten better since he fought Nog, while Nog is worse. This makes no sense to me. Beating Nog does nothing for Mir, and Nog has very little chance in beating Mir at this point (sorry it's true).

InspiritMick site profile image  

9/8/11 11:42 AM by InspiritMick

True haha but I also think Nog has a horse shoe up his ass, the amount of fights he's won that he maybe should / would have lost. The Shaub fight says to me that Nog's luck might not have run out yet...

fiercedragon site profile image  

9/8/11 11:17 AM by fiercedragon

 i will,but it doesn't matter. he's still stiff,slow and easy to hit...

SlightlyStoopid site profile image  

9/8/11 11:14 AM by SlightlyStoopid

Mir by decision. I dont see him finishing Nog again but I see Mir dominating the standup even more than the first fight.