Cesar Gracie: Dana White should fave fined, not cut Nick Diaz

by Joshua Molina | source: fcfighter.com

Nick Diaz is one of the best fighters in the world, but he learned the hard way on Wednesday that fighters don’t call the shots in the UFC. Dana White does and, if you cross him, he made it clear that you could fall fast and hard.

His trainer and mentor Cesar Gracie told FCF that he  thinks White’s decision was too extreme.

“I wish they would have fined him,” Gracie said. “Nick has never heard of anyone being cut for missing a press conference.”

“I am standing by him. He’s a loyal soldier... everybody makes mistakes."

“I am hoping he can still fight in the UFC and show the world how good he is."

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Macedawgg site profile image  

9/9/11 7:40 PM by Macedawgg

 Quite a few.  This authority is not in any contract I have seen. 

Rickson's Aura site profile image  

9/9/11 10:55 AM by Rickson's Aura

Cesar is backpedaling because people are calling him out on going overboard by going public with his criticism of Nick. He also realized that Nick is his biggest name fighter. Piss him off and there goes money out of Cesar's pocket. At this point, he should shut his mouth.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

9/9/11 9:05 AM by soldierdad5417

I like seeing morons like the Diaz brothers get what they deserve. Diaz could've made so much money fighting GSP with not only his purse money, but obviously sponsorships and all that come with that as well. It's nobody's fault but Diaz's that he is where he is.

caged conflict site profile image  

9/9/11 4:26 AM by caged conflict

"I told Dana [White] he was right to have done that,""I've stuck up for Nick a lot, but I can't stick up for him on this one."“I wish they would have fined him,” "never heard of anyone being cut for missing a press conference.”“I am standing by him. He’s a loyal soldier... everybody makes mistakes."So which is it Cesar???? You moral less, POS $h!t. No wonder why all your fighters are bi polar. You can't even take a stand on a clear cut situation.Like when Frank Shamrock KO'd him. "I am a fighter" then "uh I really just did this to try it out and get KTFO'd for fun"Be consistent and not so self serving and it won't trickle down to your lisping, ghetto @$$ fighters. Leadership is a unique quality. Lorenzo and Dana have it; Cesar does not.

rowil site profile image  

9/9/11 3:45 AM by rowil

How many UFC contracts have you seen? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a clause in there that allows White to fuck a fighters grandmother whenever he likes.

TheVileOne site profile image  

9/9/11 12:27 AM by TheVileOne

Well he wasn't fined. He was just demoted in the fights. So . . . I dunno.

Macedawgg site profile image  

9/9/11 12:21 AM by Macedawgg

 Agreed?  Under what authority does the UFC have to fine?  Deduct percent of purse?  This been added to contracts I am not aware of?  Are they their own athletic commission to (you could say so, since NSAC seems to adopt whatever the UFC wishes--see 5 round "non-title" fight flip flops for just one recent example).

Largenj site profile image  

9/8/11 7:29 PM by Largenj


Djarum site profile image  

9/8/11 7:26 PM by Djarum

lol, give it up people. This had nothing to do with Diaz missing the press conference. It's shady as fuck and everyone with a brain realizes this. There were other motives behind this mob mentality decision.