GSP opens as heavy favorite over Condit


Carlos Condit +250
Georges St-Pierre -350

all odds...

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Dark Ryase site profile image  

9/9/11 10:38 AM by Dark Ryase

On one hand, you can call GSP boring for never finishing fights. But on the other, every fight is 5 rounds of him beating the sh*t out of his opponents.I'm not sure how I should feel anymore.

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

9/9/11 10:32 AM by ALL DAY JAY

Condit, like Diaz, will bring the fight to GSP. The guys shows up to fight every time. Really thats all we can ask. I think Condit will make a good fight out of it, either way.

RickRude site profile image  

9/9/11 9:45 AM by RickRude

Condit will test his chin

MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

9/9/11 9:43 AM by MercWaMouth85

Go suck on his nuts.

sawdusk site profile image  

9/9/11 8:04 AM by sawdusk

interested to see the odds for diaz vs bj... I would expect a pretty even line...

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

9/9/11 7:21 AM by soldierdad5417

 I really can't stand that I root against GSP for entertainment purposes any more. If he'd KO or choke someone out again, I'd be stoke to see him fight but that's not what he does any more.

dogfb site profile image  

9/8/11 9:41 PM by dogfb

 what site do you guys use for betting?

blueheron20816 site profile image  

9/8/11 9:35 PM by blueheron20816

yup, not excited for gsp condit. Its going to be condit on his back for 25 minutes. Would absolutely love to see condit force him into a brawl, but i just dont see it happening.

Lesnar Fan 17 site profile image  

9/8/11 9:27 PM by Lesnar Fan 17


stillmatic site profile image  

9/8/11 9:22 PM by stillmatic

LOL told you guys. Even if you don't want to bet GSP, there will be value hedging as this line will slide more closer to the fight.


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