Cesar Gracie: Why is Dana White punishing the fans?

source: middleeasy.com

"I know how Nick is, how he reacts and stuff. He likes to have a disdain for his opponent, he wants to not like them. So he can put a little hate on them, beat them up, you know?:

"I could see a good fight for him being Fitch, because Fitch has been tallking a lot, and Nick’s never talked about him really. … He wants to fight GSP just because, you know, he wants to beat that guy up.

"BJ Penn’s a different story, it’s like he has more of a respect for BJ. BJ’s not a juice head. BJ actually tried technique in a fight. They’ve hung out together, they’ve trained together, so it’s kind of tough in that sense. But it is what it is.

"This is much tougher. (BJ Penn) is the better fighter of the two. Georges St. Pierre is the bigger fighter of the two. He can beat people on being bigger or whatever. But this is the better fighter of the two. He's more technical. He's got a better ground game. He's got a better stand up game."

"I tried to pull for the GSP fight even after they pulled it. I talked to Dana after he pulled the fight. I explained to him why it was a mistake to pull the fight. I understood. I was as mad at Nick as anybody.

"When I calmed down a little bit and looked at the situation, I said not only am I Nick's trainer, manager...whatever, but I'm a fan of the sport. And I'm thinking "why is Dana punishing the fans of the sport?"

“Punish Nick. Fine him a nice fat hefty fine. Do whatever you're gonna do and punish him. All he did was miss a press conference. I  mean Seriously? Did one fan in this world even care? It did not make sense to me. I told them this afterwards. Why?”

“Ultimately, he runs the company. I know he is a competent CEO. He knows what he is doing a lot better than we do. But I’ve looked at it from a fan’s perspective, and this is the fight the fans wanted, and the fans do not care if he went to the press conference.”

"So why take that away from the fans? Why not just punish Nick, and not the fans?”

“I don’t understand. I don’t to this day.”

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Recent Comments »

Empire site profile image  

9/10/11 4:19 PM by Empire

layzie is a shill for those guys.209 and all that. i'd prefer the diaz gsp fight, but the juicehead comment is annoying. grasping at straws.

kinkle site profile image  

9/10/11 4:08 PM by kinkle

People who know about MMA know we will see the exact same fight we saw at UFC 111. This is just a silly fight, Condit is not good enough to threaten GSP, but he is good enough to survive off his back to a decision (what will probably happen).

Northside Strangler site profile image  

9/10/11 2:53 PM by Northside Strangler


redenstein site profile image  

9/10/11 2:05 PM by redenstein

That is a ridiculous statement. Dana isn't punishing the fans. They still have a fight to watch, plus it's PPV so they don't have to buy it if they don't want to. Saying Dana is punishing the fans is like saying "Why are you punishing your son's friends by grounding your son."

TheNoCountBitchbing site profile image  

9/10/11 9:51 AM by TheNoCountBitchbing

i could give a shit about condit, that ruined the card for me. glad to see diaz is getting a fight though but as much as i like diaz i like bj more.i honestly dont even want to see another boring ass gsp non finisher, i hope condit knocks his ass out like serra. ceaser was right, so what he misssed a press conf. fans dont care unless they are there, i didnt even know there was one, fans dont give a shit about most things except weigh in, fight, post fight. dont punish the fans bj vs diaz 5rd plz

Mike_in_CA site profile image  

9/10/11 1:30 AM by Mike_in_CA

Cesar Gracie is a two faced fuck...... He kisses Dana Whites ass then does this interview and says the opposite.

BlazinAsian site profile image  

9/10/11 12:45 AM by BlazinAsian

Another overlooked point is that Nick went MISSING for a day or two and thus NOT even TRAINING when he was skipping out on these pressors. He went AWOL on his training camp. He could have at least make "I didn't want to waste valuable training time" a half way decent excuse which would back up his "I'm a fighter and I just fight" mantra. But the dude just basically just crawled under a rock.The whole episode is a reflection of Nick's motivation or lack there of. So fans miss out on an unmotivated, unprepared Nick Diaz fighting GSP.But now it looks like we're going to get an unmotivated Nick Diaz fighting BJ. WTF! What happened to "I'll fight whoever the (organization) puts in front of me" or "he stands in the way of my title shot"?

stonepony site profile image  

9/10/11 12:43 AM by stonepony

Honestly if Georges can win it with his wrestling, then he wins. It's MMA, it's not boxing or kick-boxing. He should go with the most intelligent gameplan that he and his team can put together. If that means using his wrestling to crush somebody on the ground, or if that means using his wrestling to keep it standing and jab his opponent's face to a swollen mess. If people want to complain, they should complain that his competition are showing up with inadequate skillsets.Wrestling is one of the oldest and most studied and most thought-out martial arts in history. He deserves the same kind of respect that a BJJ master gets, or the same respect that a boxing master gets. If wrestling had belts, he'd be the highest black-belt one can achieve. Credit where credit is due.

stonepony site profile image  

9/10/11 12:37 AM by stonepony

People who know MMA care about the fight. There is no argument to be made that Diaz deserves that title shot more than Carlos. And no argument to be made that Diaz has a better shot in that title fight.

CoolnDeadly site profile image  

9/10/11 12:00 AM by CoolnDeadly

GSP isn't going ass-whip anyone. He has become a point fighter and tries to win the round. He'll lay on Condit to another sleepfest victory. Diaz v Penn is two cocky guys that will fighter center ring. Its a great fight. If they go toe 2 toe it will be epic, love this fight but rather see Diaz v GSP.