Condit: If you can't do PR, you're not ready to be champion

by Mike Fagan | source:

UFC-137-carlos-condit-interview-radio-gso-mma-news" target="_blank">MMA Nation's Luke Thomas caught up with Carlos Condit to talk about waking up Wed for a day of preparing to fight BJ Penn, and by night hopping on a plane headed for Las Vegas to promote his title fight vs. GSP.

"I think if you're not ready or willing to do this side of it, the PR, then you're not ready to be the champion or even a title contender. Not only do we have to fight, we have to sell these fights. It's a business and that's how money is made."

"I had anticipated that B.J. would want to take me down and utilize his ground game so we had already been working on wrestling quite a bit. B.J. is no slouch when it comes to that. Honestly we aren't changing too much up. I'm trying to improve on the areas that I need to work on, wrestling being one of them. We are fighting a different athlete in Georges but I think the preparation will be similar except that this will be a five rounder instead of a three rounder."

"This scenario is one that I saw on the horizon a while back as I was doing well in the UFC and moving up the ranks. I saw this fight as a possibility that was going to happen. I got a plan together and talked to several people, Mike Winklejohn being one of them as you mentioned but also one of the founding members of Jackson's is a guy named Chris Latrell who's an incredible trainer. I've been training with him since I was a teenager. He'll probably be heading up my camp. I feel like I'm in very capable hands."

"I've been fighting professionally for almost a decade now. There's been a lot of sacrifices and a lot of ups and downs in my career. Honestly, I wouldn't be here without the support of my wife and my family. I get emotional when I think of all the positivity I get from my friends and my family and my fans. I wouldn't be here without them, that's what was going through my head.

"It's been an incredible turn of events. I've been working hard for a really hard time to give my son a better life and give him every possibly opportunity that I can. I think this is definitely an opportunity to do that."

" I think that going to the WEC and having that opportunity was definitely one of the best decisions that I've made. But the next one would be going to Greg Jackson's gym. Not only do I have some of the best trainers in the world but I have world class training partners 10 minutes from my house. That was definitely a great decision."

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Recent Comments »

tf1 site profile image  

9/11/11 12:35 AM by tf1

It's actually the UGC's job to sell fights. It's the fighters job to prepare for the fight. These press events are lame anyway. "I've been training hard, saying me prayers and taking my vitamins." "we're gonna stand and bang for the fans." "this is a must win fight." "this is the best camp I've had". "I'm gonna beat him at his own game."Snoozefest. They should just use the UFC video game to simulate the conferences so the fighters can spend time flying - not dressing up in suits and smiling at the cameras. This post was created in the 209.

The Sultan site profile image  

9/10/11 11:56 PM by The Sultan

 I like this fight.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

9/10/11 11:32 PM by tres_equis_666

lol I knew you'd show up.Diaz wrestlefucked? Nah, if I'm gonna predict what GSP will do to a Diaz with a history of swarming combinations of head and body punches, and pulling submissions out of nowhere, and GSP's history of avoiding his opponent's strengths, I would say GSP will jab and counter with TDs for 25 mins. With that being said, Conduit better be training a lot of groundwork because there's no way in hell GSP is gonna stand up with him because he'll get flashbacks of getting hit by Serra. GSP by UD against Condit...then another "I'm sorry I didn't finish, he was a tough opponent" post-fight interview.

Dean of Lean site profile image  

9/10/11 10:54 PM by Dean of Lean

You think Diaz wouldnt be wrestlefucked?

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

9/10/11 10:51 PM by tres_equis_666

Dana knew Nick doesn't like to "play the game," and has a history of missing/no-showing beauty pageants like those.Dana and the UFC are the ones who need to promote the fights. Fighters need to step into the cage and fight to entertain the fans and gain more fans, and in the process, make new sources of revenue for themselves, and the UFC.All this being said Dana still forced Nick to go to a press conference, knowing damn well that there is a big chance of him not showing up, which was the case.Now there are sources saying that Nick didn't receive enough notice to make it in time for the presscons. Dana said that Nick told him that he freaked out. It's all a he-said/she-said thing, but that's not the point. The point is, given your fighter's history of missing presscons, why not mitigate the risk by scheduling the beauty pageants as conference calls or skype video calls instead? This is a big-money fight for everyone involved. And on top of that, a great fight the fans have wanted to see for a while.Dana might be a) smart as fuck by playing everyone in the MMA world and secretly planned this in order for a bigger fight for the two to happen, or b) just an egomaniac with a short fuse who wants to control everything in his company and doesn't tolerate any slack or changes in policy.Either way, the fans almost lost. GSP gets an easier fight against someone who will most probably be wrestlefucked for 25 mins (lol @ you fools thinking GSP will stand against Conduit), and Diaz was reinserted into a card he was kicked out of due to fan outburst.

hermanitor site profile image  

9/10/11 1:37 PM by hermanitor

nick diaz does sell fights, just not at stupid pressers.The guy is not famous, he's infamous. He's a a 'rebel' a 'heel'.Diaz flips off the crowd, throws shit at people cageside, and gets in huge brawls on live national television.Immature, irresponsible,not being a 'team player'? Maybe.But guess what, you know your ass is gonna tune in to watch it happen the next time!How many people on this board will watch ANY nick diaz fight? Even if you hate the guy, you'll watch him fight, and you'll love every minute of it.The moral of the story is that Diaz is actually a great fight promoter, he just does it in a different way. Ya'll must have forgot how he was pretty much the face of strikeforce. Frank Shamrock sucking his nuts from the announcers table and all that. Anyone who sees nick fight, will want to see him fight again. Period.

JerodR site profile image  

9/10/11 12:56 PM by JerodR

"Could have been done over the phone or on skype."Hmmm. I 100% agree, as the UFC does I am sure. Of course since Diaz wouldn't even pick up a phone that was a bit of a problem..

caposa site profile image  

9/10/11 8:55 AM by caposa

I don't understand how you could NOT be a fan of Carlos Condit. As shitty as it is to see Diaz lose that chance, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather see get the title shot.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

9/10/11 1:38 AM by tres_equis_666

UFC/Dana White = PromotersDiaz/GSP/Champs = FightersZuffa Zombies need to chill out, and try to question Dana over a press conference 2 months before a fight that could be done over the phone or skype

TopChute site profile image  

9/10/11 1:36 AM by TopChute

Diaz has more fans than Conduit. How the fuck did that happen?


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