Cormier unrepentant about final blows


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The only complaint about an otherwise sterling performanceby Daniel Cormier has been what appeared to be two unneeded hammerfists toward the end of the fight.

But if anyone's to blame for that, Cormier said it's not him.

"Our job is to keep fighting until the referee pulls us off," he said. "I went to the side and landed the first big hammerfist, and he was still not there – the ref wasn't there. So I hit him again.

"That's our job, to hit people. I'm supposed to hit people until the referee pulls us off. That's what I did. I'm not the official. It's their job to stop it."" target="_blank">Read entire article...



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Jambo888 site profile image  

9/13/11 12:55 AM by Jambo888

Partially agree... Silva went down earlier and got up so Cormier was right to follow up. Ref went around the fighter instead of grabbing him and was a bit slow on the stop IMO

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9/12/11 9:51 AM by PassnSmash


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9/12/11 9:43 AM by RLL

Watching it live, in the replay, and in that gif, you can clearly see that the ref takes all precautions from touching DC, he wasn't ready to call the fight, so DC kept going. No need for this article... he just kept fighting like he was told to do.Rousimar Palhares tried to walk away because he thought his fight against Dan Miller was over, and you see how silly he looked for it.Wait for the ref!

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9/12/11 9:36 AM by Chimonos Revenge

 How many times does Narly cite something as "proof", when in fact it is contrary to proven?

Dooky Belt Deluxe site profile image  

9/12/11 9:26 AM by Dooky Belt Deluxe

Im not a Cormier fan yet, but that is BS. You hit until you're told not to hit. And with a head like BF do you really think he is gonna take a chance???

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9/12/11 9:19 AM by random_muppett

Fair play.

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9/12/11 9:18 AM by random_muppett


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9/12/11 8:22 AM by West Coast Nancy NarlyPersianDude

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9/12/11 8:16 AM by armbarring

I dont see anything wrong with it. Not like it was Pride FC. Hammerfist over foot stomps to your grill.

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9/12/11 7:36 AM by phdinmma