Bisping: Silva needs to beat me to 'clear out division'

by Damon Martin | source:

“I do get frustrated when I hear people say that Anderson Silva‘s wiped out the middleweight division. He hasn’t wiped out the middleweight division, he hasn’t fought me yet. I feel I match up very well with him,” Bisping told on Wednesday.

“I’m not disrespecting Anderson. Anderson rightly so is regarded as the pound for pound best in the world, and I’m a big fan of him. But I feel like I’d give him a good fight and I feel I match up a lot better with him than a lot of the other fighters he’s faced.”

The brash Brit has never been one to back down from a challenge, and Bisping is ready and willing to challenge Silva if presented with the opportunity.

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blueheron20816 site profile image  

9/15/11 8:33 PM by blueheron20816

Debatable, Ill even give you that. But this in no way means hes more deserving than all the guys who have fought their way in front of him. Munoz, Stann, Sonnon, Okami, Paulharris(eh...) and more really. Bisping has no, ZERO, big wins. Plus the bad losses to a shadow of Wanderlei and Hendo. He needs a big win, and mayhem isnt that. I personally think Mayhem is a good fighter, but hes pretty unproven at this point not to mention 0-1 in the UFC. Ive always said, in my eyes to be deserving of a title shot you need to beat either a former champion or former contender, basically someone who has fought for a title. Ya know, hes been around long enough and were almost out of middleweights (GSP should step the fuck up, but thats for another day) so a fight with bisping does make A LITTLE sense. He just needs a top 5 win, I think thats pretty reasonable.

Leghound site profile image  

9/15/11 6:30 PM by Leghound

"I feel I match up very well with him"--------------------/\-O--/-------/--/-\/----------/-------------/--\----------/----\-------LOL---LOL-----------------

ThatsHowIRoll site profile image  

9/15/11 5:43 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

 I'm sorry Bisping fans- I don't hate the guy at all but I just can't see how he has earned a shot. How do you call out Anderson when you got beaten by Wand and Hendo (murdered) and your current win streak includes Aikayama, Miller and Rivera- none of which would be considered to be in title contention at all. Hendo especially will be in line for a shot in front of Bisping, provided negotiations can work out with the UFC, as will the winner of Chael vs. Stann. I think Bisping should beat (at least) one of the current top 5 fighters and earn the number one contender position before he starts calling out the champion.

Systema site profile image  

9/15/11 5:02 PM by Systema

It's been a while since Hendo.. So I would LOVE to watch the Spider kick the shit out Bisping for talking that nonsense again. Can never get tired of that. hope his wish comes true

TheBeebs site profile image  

9/15/11 3:31 PM by TheBeebs

"We try to put up one or two light and funny pieces a day....."Kirik

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

9/15/11 2:19 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

Better wrestling than Maia,better sub defence than Sonnen and better technical striking than both? Of course the guy doesnt stand a fucking chance in hell against Silva but honestly, who does at this stage? Some people seem to think Sonnen will be able to finish the job next time which I doubt personally. He was on top of Silva for 4 and a half rounds and barely put a scratch on him nevermind came close to finishing the fight. Now that Silva has his number I doubt things would go anywhere near as well for Sonnen if they ever rematched.And Sonnen is the only guy who can make a decent case for a rematch with Silva anyway, everyone else has been beaten much more convincingly. As far as Bisping goes, it seems the norm here is to either completely discredit the guy and make out that the only reason he has a career is because there is some huge, indisposable fan base in the UK that are vital to the UFC's existance and will never ever buy tickets or watch a UFC event again if Bisping doesnt win fights, or to just quit bothering to give constructive critisism and call him "Bitchping" and "Wanker" (a stronger insult than some American posters seem to realise) which i'm pretty sure constitutes fighter bashing (of a fighter that posts here no less) the sheer amount of hate and disrespect he gets on here wouldnt be tolerated if it was directed at any other fighter (except Semtex and Hardy of course) I'm fairly neutral when it comes to Bisping, but from an objective standpoint the guy definitely has skills. Him and Pearson are exceptionally well rounded for English fighters. He has cardio in spades, a good workrate, decent wrestling, a pretty good ground game and very effective stand up. His major downfall is his lack of killer instinct and KO power. If he had even average power to go with his technically sound striking he would be twice the fighter he currently is. As it stands though 21-3 is non too shabby,especially when your losses are to Wandy, Hashad and one of the top 10 p4p GOAT's. He might run his mouth and get peoples backs up sometimes(and the spitting/knee thing was cringeworthy) but give the guy his due. He's a pretty good fighter and Silva/Bisping is a more fun fight stylistically than most.

Whambo site profile image  

9/15/11 1:42 PM by Whambo

Usually when you say a fighter matches up well against another fighter, you can pin point an area that the fighter excels against the other fighter in, which in turn would give the other fighter problems... This is not the case with bisping vs Anderson. There isn't one thing that Bisping has in his arsenal that is better than Andersons.In fact he is grossly mismatched in most categories.

ChangoBravo site profile image  

9/15/11 1:21 PM by ChangoBravo

Bispings right. The MW division hasn't been completely cleaned out.Theres still: Francis Carmont, Riki Fukuda, Nick Ring, Chris Weidman...All with about the same chance as Bisping of beating Silva!Chango

PassnSmash site profile image  

9/15/11 11:54 AM by PassnSmash

If he does fight Anderson he won't circle into his right hand. That is if Anderson decides to fight orthodox.