Mayhem promises 'must-see TV' for TUF 14

by John Morgan | source:

"I had one priority going into the show," Miller today told ( during a media call to promote the Spike TV series. "My first priority was to make sure I give my full attention to coaching these guys. That was my first priority."

Of course, "Mayhem" admits it wasn't all work and no play. Coaching opposite the always-opinionated and often-outspoken Michael Bisping (21-3 MMA, 11-3 UFC), Miller knew there was the potential to stir the pot.

"The second [priority] was to make entertaining television," Miller admitted. "I noticed after the first week that I was a bit bored, so I immediately started cranking it up so that there would be some interaction between me and Mike.

"At the end of the day, we're doing television, and we need to make something happen so that the audience is engaged. Many things happened."

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RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

9/15/11 7:08 AM by RickMartelsArrogance

No, you're right. Instead Diaz is busy being taken down at will by 155 lb boxers blinded by their own hair, beating up on Japanese can smashers & 45 yr old has beens and calling out GSP only to run out Cesar's back door and hide like a little bitch once the fight was made and fucking himself out of millions of dollars.Meanwhile, Mayhem is fighting one of UFC's biggest names at 185 and between Bully Beatdown reruns, Ellismania and TUF14 will be on TV like 5 days a week.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

9/15/11 5:33 AM by The Notorious OMG

do a season of TUF with another middleweight who he's not smaller than after calling out welterweights?true, Diaz can't do thatdon't be scared to beat the don't be scared homie spin into the ground, homie!

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/15/11 3:37 AM by chaplinshouse

wow, its so noble the way his first priority is to coach his team. especially like how he pats himself on the back for it. Chris Rock: Ignorant people always want to take credit for shit they're supposed to do. "I take CARE of MY kids." You're supPOSED to do that shit u ignant mutha fukka!

chew22 site profile image  

9/15/11 12:56 AM by chew22

LOL at Mayhem's first priority of coaching the guys. His first priority is to create as large of a grade A category 5 magnitude shit storm as he could possibly stir up.Next, coaching the guys. Still, makes me want to tune in...

leftlegtrumpcard site profile image  

9/15/11 12:22 AM by leftlegtrumpcard

I love this!! Mayhem is doin what Diaz can't do!! Don't be scared to tune in homie!

superCalo site profile image  

9/14/11 11:07 PM by superCalo

Its fine Matt Miller saying they are the greatest eva fights in tUf history and this is going to be the best series ever, but no offense to the guy but he is trying to promote the series obviously so what he says must be taken with a punch of salt, I won't start believing its true until dana white says they are the best elimination fights ever, then at least its based on the opinion of someone whose seen every tUf series in person and is speaking from experience rathery than hyperbole.

crowbar site profile image  

9/14/11 10:59 PM by crowbar

 Manufactured drama and/or hyperbole FTW. 

shootfighterart site profile image  

9/14/11 10:57 PM by shootfighterart

 Yup.  Or pretty much any time a fighter or especially Dana White opens his mouth, it is "Underground News" can't wait for the UG news thread where Bisping calls Mayhem childish.  Hope it's a stickey.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

9/14/11 10:55 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Hope his sister shows up drunk. What?Exciting tv and she isn't too shabby a looker.

VincexLee site profile image  

9/14/11 10:33 PM by VincexLee

I feel like I read this everytime I see TUF is having a new season.