After GSP mess, will Diaz get another title shot?

by Chad Dundas | source:

No, the biggest puzzle here is not why the organization blew up Diaz vs. St. Pierre -- that part was perfectly justified -- but why the UFC still wants to have anything at all to do with Nick Diaz. If White can “never accept Diaz’s word” again as he’s said, why keep him around at all? And if he can’t be trusted with the responsibility of a UFC title shot, what happens if he beats B.J. Penn next month in Las Vegas?

About these things we can only speculate. White’s Friday interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole didn’t shed a ton of light on how Diaz went from the brink of being out of a job to being back in a fight that will feature prominently on the UFC 137 pay-per-view, but it did at least give some clues about why the company still wants him.

Perhaps with different expectations from everyone, a second attempt at a fight between Diaz and St. Pierre could still work. In fact, the storyline kind of books itself, as one of the UFC’s most favored sons would prepare to take on the troubled child who refuses to play by the company’s rules. Certainly, Diaz is still a very marketable fighter and, in a weird way, this latest debacle has arguably made him even more interesting to the fight-watching public. But will the UFC ever again have enough confidence in him to put him in such a high profile spot?

If it does, at least now the fight promotion knows it will have to do most of that aforementioned marketing itself. It’s certainly not going to get any help from Diaz.

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stonepony site profile image  

9/15/11 5:05 PM by stonepony

Well said. He pulled a Fedor and flushed his one shot at a title fight. Big mistake, because now he has to fight his way to that title shot, and he can't.I would put Story higher on that list. He has the aggressive style to manhandle Diaz.

Smooth_Operator site profile image  

9/15/11 10:44 AM by Smooth_Operator

Think about this from a promotional standpoint he could make even more money

FSMA site profile image  

9/15/11 10:37 AM by FSMA

He never beat anyone to deserve the shot. Cybor??? The guy who just fought on the undercard lol? Paul Daley??? The guy who couldn't hack it in the big show? Please.Dana GAVE him this shot because he, like most people with brains, knew that Diaz posed no real threat. GSP would own him and off Diaz would go and Strikeforce as well.Very smart plan by Dana to show, once again, that UFC Champions are the very best around. UFC>Strikeforce

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

9/15/11 10:23 AM by jimbobyeaboy

Well Diaz was given the title shot. Then it was taken away because uncle fester got mad. Then he wasn't cut. Then he was cut. Then he was rehired. Then he was given an even better fight. Yea Seeing how logical those decisions were I'd guess that win or lose against Penn the UFC will give him a title shot.

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

9/15/11 10:23 AM by jimbobyeaboy

^Or cut him

DrunkenBatman site profile image  

9/15/11 9:18 AM by DrunkenBatman

Will Diaz, the third Diaz brother?

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

9/15/11 9:08 AM by Large Fun Bags

He would get raped by those guys. He's used to fighting guys like kj noons and cyborg. Lololol anyone half good that he has fought he lost to

Thecalmone site profile image  

9/15/11 8:33 AM by Thecalmone

He should he is one of the top fighters in the weight class.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/15/11 7:58 AM by Chimonos Revenge

He'll never win the beauty pageant.Always an ugly duckling.