UG refutes report that Diaz was not driving back from SF airport


Last week, when Nick Diaz failed to show at a press conference for the second time in a row, he was promptly pulled from the scheduled title bout with GSP by UFC President Dana White. Diaz then posted a response on youtube, taped in his car, purportedly as he was driving home to Stockton from the San Fransico airport.

"I'm trying to get back to Stockton here ... **Car passes on left** (F--- YOUR MOTHER) ... I'm trying to get back to Stockton here. I was out in San Fransisco, last minute, trying to get on an airplane trying to go to a press conference for the UFC."

On Dave Meltzer's radio show, the host said it appeared to be otherwise.

If you look at his video blog really closely. Nick isn't driving back from the San Francisco Airport.

Listen to entire radio show... (subscription)

However, an alert member of the UG put an end to that charge,

From: Gordo1581
Edited: 09/14/11 6:49 PM

From the video:

From Google Earth:

Zoomed out:

Zoomed out:

Looks to me like he was on his way back to Stockton from SFO.

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Bick Koxer site profile image  

9/16/11 11:31 AM by Bick Koxer

 Why are there so many people around here who give a shit if he shows up to press conferences?  I couldn't give a flying fuck as long as he shows up to fight, makes weight, and brings it in the cage.

Bick Koxer site profile image  

9/16/11 11:29 AM by Bick Koxer

 gordo vtfu

AndrewJitsu site profile image  

9/16/11 5:52 AM by AndrewJitsu

Impressive work

Zizzu site profile image  

9/16/11 4:29 AM by Zizzu

We were better off without your support of conspiracy theories.

Orion site profile image  

9/16/11 4:09 AM by Orion

Wow... the nut swinging is out of control here. Reminds me why I stopped coming here the past few years.

kinkle site profile image  

9/16/11 2:33 AM by kinkle

MAAAN I feel like a dick now, I went alil overboard trying to make a point. Hayward is actually not a bad place, I'd actually rather live there then where I am now.

TRVSDKSN site profile image  

9/15/11 6:43 PM by TRVSDKSN

Oh great, he really was coming from SF. Well Hell, someone tell Dana and get this fight back on...

EBD75 site profile image  

9/15/11 6:15 PM by EBD75

This is such a joke. Meltzer never made a comment in this context. He said on the radio show that the OP quoted from Sept 7th that he went to the airport. People who clearly never listened to the show are acting like he built the entire show around this and made it out to be breaking news - couldn't be further from the truth.

JDjitsu site profile image  

9/15/11 5:33 PM by JDjitsu

Nice work Gordo! Total pwnage of Dave. HAha. He should have his shit straight before he calls a top level fighter a liar. VERY VERY unprofessional! Even though Nick fucked up (twice) by not showing for the presser, but for Dave to outright lie like that. It's a shame. Seems like Nick's paranoia about ppl not wanting him to succeed isn't totally unfounded. I was on the fence about DM as it was, but now I don't trust in his integrity at all anymore. Should stick with WWE/wrestling since he's so good at stories...

Hypnos site profile image  

9/15/11 5:26 PM by Hypnos

Meltzer is an idiot. I'm surprised Kirk or Chris allow his crap to get posted here.