Cormier's coach:: I was hoping Barnett would lose


“I was crossing my fingers [Barnett] wouldn’t win,” Mendez said with a laugh. “He’s so damn dangerous. There’s really not much weakness [with] him. We’re going to have to really, really do our homework with this one. … If you want to be realistic, after watching all the fighters, the number one guy that’s really the best out of the group, the first original eight, is the guy in the finals now. That’s Josh. If you’re going on how they approached their fights and [how] they looked in their fights, you have to give it to Josh.” 

That’s quite a compliment considering the original eight tournament entrants include Alistair Overeem, Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio Werdum. Mendez knows Cormier is in for another challenge with Barnett, but his fighter is also dealing with a broken hand. Cormier confirmed the injury Monday on his Twitter account and added that he will be “on the shelf for a while.” 

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japetto site profile image  

9/15/11 9:07 PM by japetto

You wouldn't say that to his face!

ausgepicht site profile image  

9/15/11 9:04 PM by ausgepicht

Oh man...5 posters in a row calling MMAlogic out on his MMA logic failasaurus rex. Spin and damage control in 5...4.....3....

JesusTapped site profile image  

9/15/11 8:49 PM by JesusTapped

A cool breeze could KO Arlovski these days....

slamming site profile image  

9/15/11 8:42 PM by slamming

People here were all over Kharitanovs balls (for some reason) and Josh bullied him.He beat Nog in 2006 and then lost a razor sharp decision against him shortly after (after dropping him clean). Barnett is consistent. He hasnt been fighting world beaters lately, but he is durable, highly talented in all areas and consistent.

TKOkami'd by the GOAT site profile image  

9/15/11 5:12 PM by TKOkami'd by the GOAT

Why is it a fact that Josh was at his peak at 28 as opposed to 33? Maybe he's peaking now...ever consider that?  

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

9/15/11 5:10 PM by mcpeepants232003

Cormier isn't going to fight Barnett. Guarantee they'll put in a replacement and slide their undefeated hyped prospect over to the ufc.

Jake88 site profile image  

9/15/11 5:05 PM by Jake88

A lot of people are either forgetting or are just unaware of how good of a striker Josh Barnett is. Josh picks Cormier apart on the feet and obviously destroys him on the ground. I have a feeling that Cormier and his camp realize this and are going to dicktuck and were gonna see Josh fight somebody else in the final.

nhbguy site profile image  

9/15/11 4:55 PM by nhbguy

MMAlogic, why do you keep saying that the HW talent pool has evolved in the last 5 years but Barnett hasn't? Where exactly are you getting that from?

OftheWay site profile image  

9/15/11 4:49 PM by OftheWay

Barnett is clearly a more dangerous opponent then Kharitonov, but I almost think they're overstating the case. I think Cormier matches up quite well with Barnett in all aspects and I think he wins the fight decisively.

Zamiel site profile image  

9/15/11 4:05 PM by Zamiel

Yeah, no way 33 year old Barnett has evolved or gotten any better in 5 years. Dumbass.