Meltzer: Nick Diaz lost at least $1,000,000 in switch from GSP to BJ Penn


Diaz is a talented fighter, and an intriguing personality. He’s nuts in a way that appeals to people. He never gets finished so even when he loses, he somehow proclaims that he didn’t lose. And the fact is, he hasn’t lost in a long time anyway.

But his history has included missing two fights at the last minute, one because even when warned, he couldn’t stop using marijuana, put it on his medical listing as a drug he used when it was illegal for fighters, and the commission wouldn’t allow him to fight.

He blew another fight with Jay Hieron when he no-showed a drug test that he was likely to fail. It wasn’t just no-showing a drug test, but it was no-showing for days on end and telling promoter Scott Coker that he was going, and then taking off.

Then there was the time he missed weight–by nine pounds. He was in the ocean and swallowed salt water and thus wasn’t able to cut weight.

Another time, in the Frank Shamrock fight, even though he usually fights at 170, they made it a 179 catch weight fight, and a few days before, his side asked for it to be raised a few pounds because he wasn’t going to be able to make 179.

And then there was the time against Joe Riggs, where he lost the fight in the cage, and later that night, he saw Riggs in the hospital and attacked him and started a fight there.

And then there were the two most famous brawls in U.S. MMA history, the one with the family of K.J. Noons in Hawaii, and the one where he and his crew, five-on-one, beat up on Mayhem Miller when Miller issued a challenge to Jake Shields. That one cost Strikeforce its CBS contract.

He no-showed the press conference on 9/6 in Toronto. The next day, he promised he would be in Las Vegas. His coach, manager and father figure, Cesar Gracie, was supposed to watch over him and deliver him. But he snuck out the door and left.


So UFC 137 was announced as having a double main event, Georges St. Pierre defending the welterweight title against Carlos Condit, and Diaz vs. B.J. Penn, with Penn and St. Pierre switched opponents.

Then all weekend, Diaz started having second thoughts according to people very close to both fighters. At one point he got word to the Penn camp that because of his respect for Penn that neither he nor brother Nate would ever fight Penn.

Penn himself was hopeful of Diaz doing the fight, because he was afraid that if he didn’t, with Jon Fitch on the shelf until December, that he wouldn’t be able to get another fight this year, and felt he needed one more win to get GSP back in the cage.

On either 9/12, apparently he was talked into changing his mind, since not doing the fight would be the worst thing possible for his career at this point. With no independent Strikeforce and basically nowhere you can make money, doing what Dana White would construe as backing out after being handed a break would almost surely spell the end of his UFC tenure.

Diaz was punished for no-showing in a big way, including being taken out of a fight he’s wanted for years and basically his career in UFC was at stake if he wouldn’t have faced Penn, The difference in what he’s going to make fighting Penn in the semifinal with what he would have made against St. Pierre is said to be in the seven figures due to the PPV cut.

He’s also out of the title picture, at least for this year. He’s gone from seven figures, even if he lost, to essentially very slightly more than he would have made had he fought Tyron Woodley in Strikeforce for the welterweight title he vacated to get the St. Pierre fight.

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shootfightermike site profile image  

9/16/11 10:40 PM by shootfightermike

 lol he has written more news about the history of mma than anyone around. just because he publishes a pro wrestling newletter does not mean he dont know his shit.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

9/16/11 10:01 PM by The Notorious OMG

I feel so much dumber for reading this threadjesus christwhether pro or anti diaz there are so many retarded ass self-indulgent posts, holy shitpeople really love to get on their high horsesthe dude missed a press conference, he's been punished accordingly and as evidenced by the article, is missing out on a ton of money, so it's done, now shut the fuck up you self-righteous pricks or you could always mosey on over to the mike whitehead sexual assault threads and send the same scathing angry posts in his directionsome of you need a serious perspective check

caged conflict site profile image  

9/16/11 9:15 PM by caged conflict

^^THIS! Now stop feeding these CHILDREN please Kirik, it is painful to watch. They act like a bunch of 11ers and half of them are probably thinking "what is this NHB that Sandman is speaking of???"

MayorPirkle site profile image  

9/16/11 7:10 PM by MayorPirkle

I don't see why his contract would have to have been cancelled or re-negotiated. He probably has a clause that states he gets a cut of the PPV if he's fighting for the title, or something to that effect. Now that he isn't, he's no longer fulfilling that condition so even with the same deal he gets no PPV monies.

slamming site profile image  

9/15/11 10:38 PM by slamming

I'll be interested to see some answers to this. I already know there wont be many.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

9/15/11 9:56 PM by The Notorious OMG

well, the "may I have everyone's attention please? no seriously, please pay attention to me... Diaz wasn't coming home from the airport! derp" story didn't pan out so well, so it's not surprising he woke up the next morning with a different approach

Paka Ono site profile image  

9/15/11 9:48 PM by Paka Ono

I hope that Meltzer's numbers are underestimated too.Nick needs to learn that for every action there is a reaction.

Defecation site profile image  

9/15/11 9:22 PM by Defecation

Anyway, for the people that dislike Meltzer's reporting who do you feel does a consistent better job? Most others come off more as fans than real reporters to me.

Defecation site profile image  

9/15/11 9:14 PM by Defecation

Totally. I remember reading about the first UFC PPV in the Observer so I ordered a replay and have been into it ever sense. He use to take a lot of shit from wrestlers and wrestling fans for covering early MMA but he never stopped thank god.

Marco808 site profile image  

9/15/11 8:21 PM by Marco808

I didn't know challengers got points on the PPV. I thought it was just the champions. Kinda sucks for the co-main event guys. I'm assuming they get no points on the PPV, and I'd guess that more people are excited to see Penn vs Diaz than GSP vs Condit. I bet if Cesar or someone had told him how much he'd be losing if he no-showed the beauty contests and got pulled from the fight, he would've found a way to make it there.