Brett Rogers reaches plea agreement in domestic assault incident

by Troy Thompson | source:

Brett Rogers pled guilty to one count of third-degree assault on Thursday morning stemming from a late June domestic assault incident. Three other charges in relation to the incident were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

A pre-sentence investigation will be conducted in advance of a Nov. 30 sentencing hearing. Rogers remains free on $100,000 bond and could still face jail time, however Rogers’ attorney, Murad Mohammed, feels there is a good chance that his client could see a stay of imposition in any sentence given his lack of previous record and willingness to seek help.

“Overall, Brett and I are pleased with the outcome,” said Mohammed. “I think it’s important for everyone, especially Brett’s wife and family, to know that Brett has taken ownership for everything that’s happened. It’s an unfortunate situation for the family and the end result is Brett not having a felony conviction resulting in him returning to his family and continuing to fight.”

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1ChromosomeTooMany site profile image  

9/16/11 4:42 PM by 1ChromosomeTooMany

He ended up with a really sharp attorney, whether by design or accident.  Was just talking to him the other day and wasn't aware he was representing Brett.  Saw Brett at the gym once not long ago, and he's in good hands with Greg.  Hopefully a change of scenery will be good for his life.

stonepony site profile image  

9/16/11 4:38 PM by stonepony

"If he's a free man, he has the right to get beat up for a few bucks"And on the flip side of that coin, MMA organizations have every right to tell him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

cupertrooper site profile image  

9/16/11 11:37 AM by cupertrooper

Comments from Rogers:

Client 9 site profile image  

9/16/11 9:33 AM by Client 9

What he did was fucked up, no doubt. He made a plea deal, the courts accepted it and it appears his wife did, too. It's a marital dispute that looks to be settled. Love him to death, but AJ went through something similar and is back in the UFC. Don't deny Brett his bread!

stonepony site profile image  

9/16/11 6:48 AM by stonepony

*gasp!* Common sense!

Humphrey site profile image  

9/16/11 6:30 AM by Humphrey

ROFL uh... that's the NFL. it can absorb that. This is the UFC. you know, the company that's trying to establish itself as not brutal violence?

stonepony site profile image  

9/16/11 6:23 AM by stonepony

Not sure what your reasoning behind that could possibly be. Diaz being a violent thug cost SF their CBS deal. If the UFC hadn't cut Daley loose after his post-fight attack on Koschek, they'd be in a disadvantage position when it comes to campaigning for new sanctioning. Politicians in NY who oppose MMA sanctioning (because they're trying to protect boxing), use this stuff in their arguments. If Rogers gets away with this, with no consequences, then it looks like MMA tolerates thugs and street-fighting and criminality. Politicians who want to keep MMA banned, hold this stuff up as an example of why MMA needs to stay banned. You don't think it helps MMA to take these examples out of the hands of politicians who campaign to ban MMA? On the other hand, when MMA organizations take decisive to punish violent-animals for this stuff (like the UFC did Daley), it HELPS them with sanctioning because they get to hold the example up to show people how strict the standards are.

Sk1tzO420 site profile image  

9/16/11 5:12 AM by Sk1tzO420

The reading comprehension on this site is absolutely appalling. See if you can keep up with me. I called mike vick a thug(fact), and said brett was a child abusing wife beater(proven fact). How about you have a big bowl of shut the fuck up, with a side of get you head out of your ass, and finish with you are also a coward by your own standards.

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

9/16/11 4:12 AM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

 I'd like to see him against Brendan Shaub or Joey Beltran