Baroni: Yoshida is gay and dry humped his way to a decision


“Dude was gay and dry humped his way to a bs decision,” Baroni said. “Yoshida is weak sauce. I’ll get him in a rematch.”

Baroni in the post also questioned Yoshida’s willingness to engage in the fight; and further questioned why the refs were lenient in allowing the former UFC and Bellator veteran to be slow in the pace.

Why were there no yellow cards or standup?” Baroni said. “Nobody wants to watch that kind of crap in a fight, especially  in a co-main event.”

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Recent Comments »

rowil site profile image  

9/17/11 4:07 AM by rowil

Nothing says heterosexual like wearing a leather jacket without a shirt underneath.

Hardstaff site profile image  

9/17/11 12:04 AM by Hardstaff

Baroni is such a meat head.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/16/11 10:15 PM by Bobby Lupo

 My Sakara, Baroni and Calzaghe loyalties always get me in trouble around here.

William Colosimo site profile image  

9/16/11 9:59 PM by William Colosimo

Maybe I was a little harsh- IIRC Baroni did attempt (and succeeded) at passing guard at least once in that fight, maybe tried setting up a sub from side mount also (cant remember exactly)? So yes he did do more than just lay in the guard and hold his opponent down.

mr nemo site profile image  

9/16/11 9:52 PM by mr nemo

LOL @ K-Dub-T

Dogman site profile image  

9/16/11 9:39 PM by Dogman

Damn it Lupo, I went from the Bowe thread where you were spot on, to this thread where ur way off:(

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/16/11 9:15 PM by Wasa-B

Yoshida had plenty of passes and GNP btw. Even some punches standing.Baroni is just trying to use his mouth instead of his hands at this stage.

Digitalmorphine site profile image  

9/16/11 9:06 PM by Digitalmorphine

Too bad his engine is the size of a lawn mower.Never seen someone run out of steam so fast.