Belcher impressive after 16-month lay off, defeats MacDonald


Alan Belcher was successful in his return to the Octagon and finished Jason MacDonald in the first round of their main card fight at UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellengerger.

Belcher swarmed his opponent and forced MacDonald to make a verbal submission due to strikes at 3:48 of the opening frame.

Belcher and MacDonald came out aggressive and ended up in a clinch against the fence early. MacDonald pulled guard, but while there, Belcher worked to get in some hard shots and scored some points. Belcher worked around to side control and other positions, but always stayed on top, while pounding away.

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Alan "The Talent" Belcher Vs. Jason "The Athlete" Macdonald
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Alan Belcher <a href=Alan Belcher" />
Height 6′ 2″ (187.96 cm)
Weight 208 (94.35 kg)
Record 16-6-0
Name Jason Macdonald <a href=Jason Macdonald" />
Height 6′ 3″ (190.5 cm)
Weight 200 (90.72 kg)
Record 23-14-0
Alan Belcher def. Jason Macdonald via verbal submission (punches) - Round 1, 3:48

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/18/11 12:12 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 looks like we have another arguement against eddie bravos pulling guard. but he'd say mcdonald needed mission control :)

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/18/11 11:53 AM by StretchPlum

"StretchPlum - Too bad McDonald is becoming a can at the top levels. 15 losses.Look at who he's fought. The man is a warrior he's fought top level competition."Agree, but his career has turned out far different than anticipated. Peaked in 2006.

outtap site profile image  

9/18/11 5:08 AM by outtap

Seriously?Macdonald has never played it safe. He promises to the fans that he is going out there to finish the fight, and never lets up on it. I'd like to see all the other MWs fight Franklin, Okami, Leban, Belcher, ect... They wouldn't half as long against those guys.Saying he gets punched and gives up? He's fought the top talent in MW and beaten some of them. He takes the most difficult fight that he can get.I'm a big fan of Belcher's as well, and have to say, that him or Jmac would have beaten any other MW fighter on the card.Congrats to Belcher. One of the top contenders in the division.Can't wait to see Belcher or Jmac fight again. The most entertaining fighters in MW!

Hate420 site profile image  

9/18/11 1:57 AM by Hate420

McDonald always quits after he gets punched,history repeated itself.

Tractor site profile image  

9/17/11 11:31 PM by Tractor


DoomFarmer site profile image  

9/17/11 9:48 PM by DoomFarmer

Don't know why anybody would have wanted Belcher to lose after a near career ending injury.Belcher always brings it. Motherfucker is underrated.

StretchPlum site profile image  

9/17/11 9:34 PM by StretchPlum

"Looked like a horrible TD attempt that turned into a guard pull."Generous

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

9/17/11 9:29 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

Didn't know that. Last I saw him he was doing some work with Shields and the Ceasar fighters.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

9/17/11 9:29 PM by MasterofMartialArts

LOL yeah. I was unaware of it until Bruce made the official decision.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

9/17/11 9:27 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Me either.  Looked like a horrible TD attempt that turned into a guard pull. Belcher looked good though.