Bisping: 'Mayhem' hot-dogging it for the cameras

by Simon Head | source:

In part three of our exclusive video interview we quizzed Bisping about his opposite number and, as usual, the Brit didn't pull his punches:




"I never really play up to the cameras, I've been around them a long time now. I don't see a camera and think 'Oh, there's the camera' and start putting on a show. Jason, I think, was a little bit guilty of that. I see a camera go on him and he changes instantly. With me, what you see is what you get. I'm looking forward to fighting that guy now, he pushed a few buttons but I managed to restrain myself and not lose my cool but on December 3rd I'm looking forward to fighting him and putting him in his place."

UFC-quick-quote-put-a-camera-on-mayhem-miller-and-he-changes-instantly">transcribed by

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Bipolar site profile image  

9/22/11 11:15 PM by Bipolar

Really? How exactly is he going to become MW champion? Are you suggesting that Bisping would defeat Silva in a fight?

Bipolar site profile image  

9/22/11 10:55 PM by Bipolar


Savron site profile image  

9/22/11 7:49 PM by Savron

Bisping has the personality of a hebel block...When is this guy gonna actually fight someone of note, and is your answer...never!!He is there for what? Cause his mouth and his ability as a MMA fighter are letting him down massively.He is there to keep his 16yr old UKTT supporters buying PPV'sTHAT IS ALL

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

9/22/11 4:12 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Bisping is a great man, great fighter and future UFC MW Champion. All the complaints about him are a little pathetic IMO. Too many sensitive little souls on here.Mayhem seems like a decent chap too. Bisping will smash his face in though. Too bad.

My2cents site profile image  

9/22/11 12:05 PM by My2cents

Bisping should be happy Mayhem is "turning it on for the camera's". Bisping's personality is like watching paint dry while getting a Chinese water torture. At least Mayhem will Carry the entertainment aspect of the coaches. The fights look exciting this season so that's good news too...

WatchinMMA site profile image  

9/22/11 11:48 AM by WatchinMMA

This I can see. He was not the best coach but hamill was calling himself the king and all sorts of bs

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/22/11 8:24 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Did you see Bisping's face twitch a little when Mayhem said Scotland and England were the same thing?I lol'ed.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/22/11 8:23 AM by Chimonos Revenge

You don't get it.It isnt that people are fans of Hamill, per se. It is the fact that Bisping acted like a douchebag, after getting a gift decision in a fight that any educated MMA fan knew he lost. His post fight comment to Hamil was "go back to wrestling", in a fight Bisping got taken down at will and out wrestled.It has nothing to do with the the actual W over Hamill.

Bat21 site profile image  

9/22/11 8:17 AM by Bat21

 Thanks for jumping on the thread and proving my point about the UKTT. May you all contract gonnoreah from your wive's boyfriends.

ken amtrack site profile image  

9/22/11 8:08 AM by ken amtrack

Lor' luv a duck! Mayhem ter Bisping: "Don't get me wrong, I fnk yer way worse an idiot van I am, an' I'm gon'a smash yaaahr face in December 3". Know what I mean?