Former college football player dies in unsanctioned boxing match


Former Tulsa linebacker George Clinkscale died Wednesday after taking part in an unsanctioned boxing match. He was 24.

Joe Miller, director of the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, said Thursday that Clinkscale took part in the bout late Wednesday at a Tulsa-area church. Miller says witnesses described Clinkscale becoming ill during the fight and he was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

Clinkscale, who was a linebacker for the Golden Hurricane from 2005 to 2009, was billed as the main event at Fight Night VI sponsored by GUTS Church.

Miller says the results of the OSAC's investigation will be turned over to the state attorney general's office because the event was not sanctioned.

"It's an illegal event, it's not sanctioned by the commission," Miller said. "They're running outside the law."

Miller said if the event had been sanctioned, there would have several experts on hand, such as qualified referees, medics and doctors.

"I really hope this opens up some eyes," Miller said.

Coaches remembered Clinkscale for his achievements on and off the field.

Pittsburgh coach Todd Graham, who recruited Clinkscale while he was still coach at Tulsa, called his former recruit "one of the most passionate young men I've ever met."

"Although it is a sad day, we can find comfort and hope knowing that George is in a better place because of his strong faith," Graham said.

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Multiple UG members were present at the event. One posted details from the event.

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I go to GUTS Church and I was present for the boxing event.

Each fighter wore head gear and very large gloves.

That being said. Several safety violations occurred during the night.

1. Competitors received punches while on their knees or firmly seated against the ropes. Sam Adams was very slow to break the fighters up.

2. After being knocked down (sometimes 3x in a round) the fighter was allowed to continue to fight as well as fight the very next round.

3. One competitor was on his knees puking in the corner seconds before the 2nd round was about to begin and still continued to fight. Sam Adams had knowledge of it and delegated the corner-man to clean up the puke.

4. Multiple times in the night a fighter would lean against the ropes arms folded giving clear signs that he no longer wanted to continue. Sam Adams clapped his hands pressing the action on a fighter that was not defending himself.

5. In the main event George Clinkscale (Known to have had Sickle Cell) destroyed his opponent in the 1st round knocking him down 3 times and seemed to be in great shape. The fight continued into the 2nd and 3rd round where Clinkscale was clearly gassed and was not defending himself. Once again a fighter was leaning on the ropes arms folded not defending himself. Crowd roared as they saw Eaton former OSU football player win the comeback punching his defenseless opponent.

6. No EMSA until I was walking out and no commission.

This is what I saw last night.



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knockoutfighter site profile image  

9/23/11 8:00 PM by knockoutfighter

Sad news... 24 is way too young to die!

RowdyYates site profile image  

9/23/11 7:52 PM by RowdyYates

That's what I thought!

ender852 site profile image  

9/23/11 7:29 PM by ender852

Feeling mad hostile, ran the apostleFlowing like Christ when I speaks the gospelStroll with the holy roll then attack the globe with the buckus stylethe ruckus, ten times ten men committing mad sinTurn the other cheek and I'll break your fucking chin

MickColins site profile image  

9/23/11 3:06 PM by MickColins

But they had gloves and headgear on. The recent media kerfuffle about the 8 year olds submission grappling in that cage had multiple mentions of how gloves and headgear make things safe. That would mean the media.....isn't being truthful! This warps my fragile lil mind.//RIP to the boxer who died.

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

9/23/11 2:25 PM by MolsonMuscles

Unsanctioned boxing matches in a church. Really...

JBob300 site profile image  

9/23/11 2:00 PM by JBob300