Complete Results and updates from ADCC, Day 1

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Superfight Results

Braulio Estima def Jacare de Souza by points in the super fight.Round 2 Quarter Finals

Men's Under 99KGs, Quarter-Finals

Xande Ribeiro def Lucio Lagarto by Rear Naked Choke

Joao Assis def Braga Neto by Footlock (toehold)

Dean Lister def James Brasco by inside heelhook

Rousimar Palhares def David Avellan by heelhook ... then kneebar.

Rafael Lovato def Kyle Griffin by triangle

Pablo Popvitch def Sergio Moraes ny points

Andre Galvao def Gunnar Nelson by Points

Marcelo Garcia def Victor Estima by Marcelotine (in 30 seconds)

Kron Gracie def Murilo Santana by points

Claudio Calasans drf Augusto Mendes by points

Rafa Mendes def Justin Rader by Rear Naked Choke.

Rubens Cobrinha def Barret Yoshida by points

Leo Viera def JT Torres on points.

Robson Moura def Ryan Hall by points

Jeff Glover def Marko Ramos by Brabo Choke (D'arce Choke).

Men's Over 99KGs, Quarter Finals

Fabricio Werdum def Jeff Monson by armbar

Cyborg Abreu def Glover Texeira by Points.

Vinny Magalhaes def Jose Junior Inside Heelhook

Janne-Pekka Pietilainen def Gerardi Rinaldi

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ADCC 2011: Jacare vs. Estima

It's time for today's main event, a fight between last ADCC's super-fight champion Ronaldo Souza against last ADCC's absolute champion Braulio Estima.

Jacare is coming off that tough loss to Luke Rockhold in Strikeforce but opted to continue on with his ADCC obligation to fight hometown hero Braulio Estima.

It's on.  Some early grip fighting with Braulio working towards a collar tie.  Both fighters prodding each other with small tie ups.  Braulio went for an arm drag and turned it into a single leg, he got Jacare down for a short time but Jacare was able to scramble back to the feet.  We're back to the collar ties now as both men search for some sort of opening.

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ADCC 2011 Under 66kg Results: Robson Moura, Rafael Mendes, Ryan Hall And More

The under 66kg weight class is up now:

Our first match is Rafael Mendes and Bruno Frazatto (training partners with each other).  We're in 50/50 guard and we're seeing constant footlock attacks from both competitors, Rafael looking to be slightly more aggressive with the attacks.  Continually going for legs are both guys but Rafael has now secured back control after a scramble.  Rafael has won on points after the back control points were given to him.

Justin Radar up against Timo-Juhani Hiryikangas now, and we'll be calling Timo "T-Bone" from here on out.  Justin Radar has won.

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ADCC 2011 Results: Gunnar Nelson, Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia, Victor Estima

Still going is the under 89kg weight class:

Gunnar Nelson against Marko Helen, Nelson controlling the match on top. We’re in triple overtime but Nelson finally working on Helen’s back and then working a head and arm choke. Helen escapes multiple chokes from Nelson and we’re in quadruple overtime. Nelson finally wins on points after a pass.

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ADCC 2011 Under 89kg Results: Lister, Palhares, Lovato, Griffin, Avellan, Popovitch, Morares Win

Under 99kg is just finishing up and they’re starting the under 89kg.

Dean Lister against Ferrari is the final match of the under 99kg weight class, Ferrari has taken Lister down and Lister continually attacks Ferrari from guard. First Lister has gone for an omoplata and then a triangle, both unsuccessful. Lister has given up his back but remains in turtle guard as Ferrari tries to figure out an offense against Lister but eventually both have ended up back on the feet. Lister after a takedown has started up an armlock and looks close to finishing Ferrari, Ferrari survives and Dean Lister wins by points.

Rousimar Palhares slammed Dan Schon and then transfers to a heel hook to finish the match.

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ADCC 2011 Under 77kg Results: Santana, Kron Gracie, Claudio Calasans And More

Continuing the under 77kg weight class:

Murilo Santana against Jorge Britto pulls guard, sweeps Britto and is up on top. Santana has passed the guard now, Murilo to side control and wins with a slick armlock.

Kron Gracie against Jason Manley, Kron jumps a guillotine and finishes it fast. Wow.

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ADCC 2011 Under 99kg Results: Rinaldi, Ribiero, Lagarto, Neto, Assis, Viera, Peinado Advance

Under 99kg up now after Rinaldi defeats Mick Wilson by points

Xande Ribiero up against Peltola, Xande establishing half guard control after a takedown. Peltola has re-established full guard. Xande rolls to the bottom to lock up a triangle and swiftly transfers to an armbar to finish Peltola.

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ADCC 2011 99kg Results: Werdum, Abreu, Teixeira, Junior, Juskowiak, Pietilainen and Magalheas Advance

+99kg weight class up first.

Fabricio Werdum with a takedown off the collar tie, after a short half guard battle Werdum has been able to pass and execute a kimura on his opponent Alexander Trans.

Cyborg Abreu against Sikene Hideki and we’re treated to an almost immediate armlock finish as Abreu advances.

Glover Teixeira defeats Jerrod Bunch via guillotine after a short takedown battle.

Jose Junior has upset Bruno Bastos in the opening round and advances on.

Jeff Monson has no showed and his opponent Juskowiak has advanced by default.

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The 2011 ADCC Submission Grappling World Championship is scheduled to take place Saturday, September 24th and Sunday September 25th, 2011 in Nottingham, England. This prestigious event is considered the worlds top no-gi grappling tournament and features some of the world's best grapplers competing in a 16-man bracket in each weight division.


Friday:  Weigh in and rules meeting at the arena at 3pm
Saturday:  Competition start at 12pm (7:00 AM ET)
Sunday:  Competition start at 12pm  (7:00 AM ET)
Weigh-ins will be on Friday after the rules meeting and both days Saturday and Sunday before the first fight!


Men's Under 66 kg

Men's Under 77 kg

Men's Under 88 kg

Men's Under 99 kg

Men's Over 99 kg

Women's Under 60 kg

Women's Over 60 kg

Super Fights

Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry

Ronaldo 'Jacare' de Souza vs. Braulio Estima

Please use this thread to discuss  the tournament as it progresses on day 1 and check back often, as we hope to be able to update progress and news as we can.


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Palhares looked terrifying, marcelos guillotine of victor estima, Jeff glovers sick darce. cyborg looked good, Leo viera, mendes, mg. Cobrinha looked in total control against yoshida.

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I could be wrong and maybe a high level pro will come on here and correct me but I don't think that he lost due to a lack of training JJ..He trains hardcore in a bunch of areas now, but he is consistently training with top talent and although he probably trains his stand up a lot, you know he still gets tons of mat time. If anything I would say the reason he lost was still beat from the match against rochhold. And if you are saying that for Jacare, then the same has to go for Werdum. And I would say that he still has a very high chance of winning his division...

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