DFW's UFC 135 vlog, day 2

source: UFC

UFC President Dana White's UFC 135 vlog #2  takes you behind-the-scenes at the UFC 135 weigh in, as well as White's message to the fighters who will fight tonight.


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chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/24/11 6:07 PM by chaplinshouse

Ed Lover reminds me of my little nephew that just learned of mma with his predictions and insight. his enthusiasm behind picking Bones to win is comical cuz he doesn't realize what an obvious choice it is. He's not a real fan of mma, just a Bones groupie. Seriously, as old as he is, he's just now discovering the sport? Interesting how Rashad picked Rampage to win, and haha at Boetsch giving a WTF at Nick Ring getting super close in his face with those fem eyes. I'd gross out too

CAINtheBULL site profile image  

9/24/11 1:40 PM by CAINtheBULL

Very weak DW vlog. I've already seen the weigh in.

BushidoAristotle site profile image  

9/24/11 1:37 PM by BushidoAristotle

Dana should wear gloves when he's sick.

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

9/24/11 1:17 PM by Sagiv Lapkin


FCFBlazer site profile image  

9/24/11 1:16 PM by FCFBlazer


stonepony site profile image  

9/24/11 12:55 PM by stonepony

Agreed. Seems like wishful thinking run amok.

Bipolar site profile image  

9/24/11 12:34 PM by Bipolar

Hard to disagree with this. I don't see how Jackson wins. But I would like to hear/read a detailed, reasonable account of how he can from someone who believes Page will pull it off.

stonepony site profile image  

9/24/11 12:09 PM by stonepony

I hear a lot of people saying they think QJ is going to win, but, nobody ever explains how. Jones has almost a foot reach advantage on Quinton. Jones manhandles Olympic caliber wrestlers and makes them look like amateurs. Even if QJ does barrel in to plant his flat feet for those hard punches, how does he not just get dumped on his head?Rough night for Quinton ahead.

djones site profile image  

9/24/11 9:59 AM by djones

He changed his mind prior to the weighins. At the Q&A before the weighins he said he wanted JBJ to win so that he could fight him but that he had a feeling that Rampage might pull this one out.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

9/24/11 9:50 AM by sadisticsoldier

I think Rashad told Ed Lover he thinks Rampage is gonna win. Found that interesting. There was a video the other day where he said Jones should win, but he didn't sound too sure. Maybe he saw something at the weighins that swayed his thoughts.