Jones' coach: Anderson Silva doesn't want to fight Jon


On Mauro Ranallo's The MMA Show yesterday, Jon Jones’ trainer Mike Winklejohn weoghed in on his, and the entire sports' star pupil.

Mauro Ranallo: “Do you give (John Jones) freedom to become creative and adlib inside the Octagon? How much did we see of that on Saturday (against Rampage), if so?”

Mike Winkeljohn: “Oh, quite a bit, you know what, we let him ad-lib within certain parameters. The game plan was definitely break Quinton down, let’s break his legs down, let’s break his body down, let’s slow him down and stay away from his big bombs and then anything you want to do, Jon, you’re going to be capable. You’ll be able to shoot in and take him down after you’ve broken him down and it played out that way, so I’m real happy with what he did. We made some mistakes and Jon hurt his foot with an inside leg kick. Jon doesn’t that experience, yet, from fighting. If you think about his time standing up in the cage, we’re talking a few rounds, a few minutes where he’s actually doing stand-up. He doesn’t have that kind of experience. Some of these guys have had many fights, numerous fights in kickboxing. Jon just comes from a wrestling background so all this is new, so he’s still trying to figure out all the striking out and doing really well with it.”

MR: “There is precision and technique, the spinning elbows, the kicks to the patella tendon. Do you see any similarities between him and Anderson Silva or does that come up at all when going through game plans with him or how do you see him as a fighter compared to others that you’ve worked with?”

MW: “You know what, I think with Anderson, Anderson is probably the best as far as the eyes going, watching an opponent and then knowing he can strike a certain time and put them on their ass. That’s what Anderson does and I think Jon’s getting there with his strikes. I think Jon’s much better, way past Anderson as far as wrestling skills go. With his stand-up I think Jon brings many more strikes to the table than Anderson has, a lot more variety. We’re just not there on a knockout type of shot, we’re going to get there pretty soon. We hurt Rampage many times during that fight with strikes, but we’re going to get there. We’re going to get those things fine-tuned. It’s just going to take just a little bit longer and we’ve only just begun. The future is definitely bright for Jon.”

MR: “What do you think about his learning curve right now? Where do you think he is?”

MW: “Oh, I think he’s there. You know what, down the road there’s no doubt he’s going to get some weight on and go to Heavyweight but he’s got a lot to do at Light Heavyweight. I don’t think Anderson would probably want that fight with Jon Jones. I think, you know, Anderson would use his length and pick his shot against people. With Jon coming in at so many different angles from a long range, I definitely don’t think that’s a good fight for Anderson. I think we’re here to stay in the Light Heavyweight division for a while and build a legend, something that hasn’t been done in a little bit of a while. The Light Heavyweight division has had a lot of turnover.”

With much fan speculation growing about whether Anderson Silva should face Jon Jones given that it seems a GSP/Anderson fight is unlikely to happen, Rashad Evans seems to be off to the side. Yes, he’ll be fighting Jones next but it’s an uncomfortable kind of situation. You have hardcores who think UFC is scripting and manipulating the way it’s being presented, you have fans wondering if there is a real feud at all, and then you have the casual fans who largely think Bones is going to wreck Rashad. Not just beat him, but humiliate him in that 7-to-1 kind of favorite way.

MR: “What happened, from your perspective? Why did it turn out all the way it did and do you feel it’s nothing more than maybe a misunderstanding at the end? Maybe even after the fight, win or lose, do you think Jones and Evans will ever patch things up or will the antipathy will continue to grow as we near the title fight afterwards?”

MW: “They came to camp, I wouldn’t say that they were the greatest friends, they just trained together a little bit. It’s just one of those things. It sucks for Rashad in that he was going to fight the title, he didn’t get the chance, and Jon took it so I’m sure there’s some sour grapes there and I don’t blame him. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be champion, teammate or not. That’s what everybody wants to do. I don’t blame him in the slightest. I’d want to fight for the title, everybody does. You have two great fighters trying as hard as they can to beat the crap out of each other, find out who’s the best, and then afterwards I think the respect will come and they’ll go forward hopefully with a lot of money in their pocket and even more fans.”

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Richie7777 site profile image  

9/28/11 10:27 AM by Richie7777

people want so bad to see a dominant champion get beat. Give it a little while and people will want to set sonnen on Jones so he can try and lay on him for five rounds. And, there is the matter of Jones and Silva being Christians that bothers people. Boo Hoo!

BuddyRevell site profile image  

9/28/11 9:33 AM by BuddyRevell

I'll have to disagree. Flukes can still happen, even without flash KOs, etc. Forrest beating Shogun was an example of that, even though Griffin dominated a big portion of that fight and (unlike Chael) actually beat his opponent. Buster Douglas vs. Tyson is another such fluke. Mental (Tyson) and physical (Shogun, Silva) factors played a part in their sub-par performances imo.  

DVDragon site profile image  

9/28/11 9:00 AM by DVDragon

Reading comprehension... how does it work???Looks like you're the idiot since you can't read...

InspiritMick site profile image  

9/28/11 6:37 AM by InspiritMick

 I have only one problem with this post in what is basically an opinion driven thread......'every facet' REALLY? REEEAAALY??  

swany site profile image  

9/28/11 6:05 AM by swany

an if everybody put their personal opinions of anderson aside and sit back and think (admit lol) about all the things silva has done that has amazed the mma world , is it eally that unreasonable to believe that perhaps anderson could get the job done against jbj

swany site profile image  

9/28/11 5:59 AM by swany

look jj really shouldnt be compared to silva yet, he hasnt reached no where near that level. he has undoubtedly the most potential in the ufc and is a freak talent but lets look at names bonnar , vladimir , hammill , bader , shogun ( ring rust and coming off injury but a great performance none the least ) and rampage who hasnt looked good in years... yes he has dominated all of them but none of them besides shogun are in the top echelon of fighters... anderson on the other hands is on a 14 fight ufc win streak which is unbelieveble considering winning 3 in a row can get u a title shot, defended his tite 9 times should be more if opponents made weight, gone up a division and embarressed a former champ, this guy is 37 years old and remarkebly his speed and precision make him look invincible.jj has so much yet to accomplish but its definetly premature to start comparing him to the goat already

Strykr619 site profile image  

9/28/11 4:47 AM by Strykr619

So someone answer this for me then? How would Anderson stop JBJ Greco? How does Anderson deal with a 7in reach advantage ? I do think "currently" Anderson is a better striker but give it a year or two will see. Then again Anderson will "never" fight JBJ per his own statement so will never know LOL.

Calhoon site profile image  

9/28/11 4:45 AM by Calhoon

Hughes tapped GSP out too.

Jaybrone site profile image  

9/28/11 4:23 AM by Jaybrone

When will the person who puts this shit on UGNews front page actually have some integrity. And put something actually taken in context for a change. Stop taking bits and pieces and putting them together to make sensationalist headlines its piss poor journalism.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

9/28/11 1:24 AM by Proteus The Invincible

Anderson has already stated that he and Jon are friends and the two won't fight each other, although Jon has said he would like the match up. Personally, I think Jon would throw Anderson around like a rag doll with his wrestling and punish the guy with ground and pound, and Silva knows it.But the thng that really stands out to me is, if Anderson isn't open to fighting Jones, then he has no right to look for the GSP match up. You can't be prepared to fight the champ of the next lowest weight class, but then refuse to fight the champ of the next class up. GSP doesn't want anything to do with Anderson, and Anderson doesn't want anything to do with Jones, so unless somebody works up some confidence, these fights aren't going to happen.