Report: Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski IV appears set for Nov 5

source: The Underground

Last week an alert UGer determined that Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovskiappeared to be in the works

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here you have a video where arlovski says he is training for his fight on november 5th

Tim Sylvia says on twitter that he is fighting november 5th:
Next fight is nov 5 in Hawaii.

both are signed with pro-elite that has a show on november 5th where they kick off their heavyweight gp

sounds to me we gonna have a conclusion to this epic rivalry. this one is going to be for the ages 


Cage Potato provides further details.

ProElite’s second show under its new ownership and management will happen November 5 at the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois. Although no announcements have been made regarding the event, which is tentatively dubbed “ProElite II” or the show’s fight card, there is strong indication that the promotion is working on a fourth meeting between former UFC heavyweight champions Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski and that the bout could be the main event.

ProElite had originally planned to hold its next show back in Hawaii, but evidently decided that Illinois was a better fit, considering Arlovski lives and trains two hours west of Moline in Chicago and Sylvia is a part-time police officer in Milan, less than 15 minutes away from the venue.

If the bout does happen, Sylvia will go into it with a 2-1 advantage over Arlovski, having beaten him by decision and TKO in back-to-back bouts in 2006 after being submitted by Andrei in 2005 with an Achilles lock.

We’re told an announcement should come from ProElite either today or tomorrow about the event.

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

2/17/12 8:23 PM by RyannVonDoom

If Ray hits anyone clean like that with 4oz gloves, they are going out. How hard is that to understand?

WinstonWolfWonTheBet site profile image  

2/17/12 8:12 PM by WinstonWolfWonTheBet

this fight should still happen dammit!!

strontium90 site profile image  

9/29/11 10:01 AM by strontium90

This is actually a good move by Gary Shaw - and holding the event in the Quad Cities, which has been a longtime hotbed of MMA activity, is another good move on his part.

Jobe Watson the Bomber site profile image  

9/29/11 9:28 AM by Jobe Watson the Bomber

Not a coach, just a very very very very very upset fan who wants the big man to obtain an impossible skill set.

stuvelo site profile image  

9/29/11 8:55 AM by stuvelo

I've never been less interested in a rematch in my life

Devlin site profile image  

9/29/11 8:48 AM by Devlin

Either ignorant of Ray Mercer or trolling. i think both.

LesnarPWNSNog site profile image  

9/29/11 5:27 AM by LesnarPWNSNog

Gee, thanks coach

JustSaying site profile image  

9/28/11 11:26 PM by JustSaying

 Those eyebrows...

EPGScott site profile image  

9/28/11 11:23 PM by EPGScott

The main event is expected to be a heavyweight bout between former UFC champion Tim Sylvia and three-time UFC heavyweight title challenger Pedro Rizzo. Additionally, fellow former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski will fight Travis Fulton, regarded as the busiest fighter in MMA history with more than 300 career fights.

EPGScott site profile image  

9/28/11 10:25 PM by EPGScott

^Odds are they are both on card and just on different sides of the bracket. Hopefully its a solid 8 man tourny and we can see them in the second round go against each other.