Herman sternly denies Marijuana use

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

UFC heavyweight Dave Herman was refused a license to fight  Mike Russow at next week's UFC 136 event, by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, due to a failed test for marijuana. Herman has not been suspended or sanctioned in any way, other than the refusal to license for UFC 136

In an interview today with MMAjunkie.com, Mike Russow sternly denied using marijuana.

But he admitted that he was recently around those who used the drug, which may have caused him to fail a pre-fight drug test requested by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

"Everybody out here kind of smokes," Herman said. "Marijuana is legal in California. Maybe it's just being in the same room. I don't know. I see people smoke every day."

"I like to go out and have fun, and when you're training for a fight, you can't go hang out with your friends at night. You've got to go home and sleep and try to recover for your next practice. But it gets kind of old and repetitive after a while. I need to start playing new video games, find some new hobbies."

Herman said he hasn't heard from the UFC since the denial, though he expects to fight again at a later date. Russow, meanwhile, will get the "show" portion of his fighter purse, according to manager Monte Cox.

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ChicagoTom site profile image  

9/30/11 3:45 PM by ChicagoTom

Correction mccorkle said he has never seen Dave smoke it nor ever talk about it.

ChicagoTom site profile image  

9/30/11 3:19 PM by ChicagoTom

What's funny is didn't mccorkle say that he knows Herman very well and hangs with him all the time and has never seen him around weed and then Herman says all his buddies smoke weed and he's around it all the time.

Cruz2ninjafoya site profile image  

9/30/11 2:32 PM by Cruz2ninjafoya

LOL unless someone was blowing "fuck me" smoke at Herman, his excuse is IMO most likely bullshit. Every pothead ive known uses the excuse that they were around pot smoking whenever they fail a drug test with a P.O or whatever. And anyway, who cares if he smoked pot or not?

Harlem site profile image  

9/30/11 2:29 PM by Harlem

 do they test hair or urine?

unclehulka13 site profile image  

9/30/11 2:24 PM by unclehulka13

Can still buy it from a legal grower though. Dispensaries are too expensive.

PatK site profile image  

9/30/11 1:58 PM by PatK

 Marijuana is only a PED in a whipped cream eating contest

skinnywussy site profile image  

9/30/11 1:55 PM by skinnywussy

edit: I don't think Herman got his show dough... Russow got his show dough.

JudOWNED site profile image  

9/30/11 1:51 PM by JudOWNED

 i would imagine that there is also a liability issue if they allow someone to fight with THC in their system.  If they got injured or, unlikely as it may be, died, someone could make an issue of his positive test.  But lol at trying to lie about getting positive from second hand smoke!  Oldest, and lamest, excuse in the book.

steampunk site profile image  

9/30/11 11:31 AM by steampunk

thats hilarious, i live in michigan and they just passed a law to shut down all the dispensaries.

randysan site profile image  

9/30/11 1:56 AM by randysan

somebody please make a gif of ludacris blue burry yum yum track with Dave Herman's head or a cheech and chong clip would be amazing , maybe with nick diaz lol