Gil Melendez heading to the UFC ASAP, debut title shot possible

by Damon Martin | source:

it appears Gil Melendez' reign as Strikeforce lightweight champion, and the December title defense with top contender Jorge Masvidal, may have come to an abrupt end.

Melendez, the No. 1 ranked lightweight in the world, was informed Saturday night that UFC President Dana White had announced he was headed to the UFC sooner rather than later, and they wanted him in the UFC right now.

As to who Melendez might face in his UFC debut, most would point to the winner of the UFC 136 main event between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard as the most likely candidate. But White cautioned that “It’s a possibility. The thing is, that division is so stacked. And usually timing has a lot to do with (who gets the next shot).”

“It’s exciting that the boss definitely wants me over to the UFC, because it’s definitely a good move for me,” Melendez said. “I’d be there in a heartbeat. Money doesn’t really mean nothing at this point, my money’s good, I’m happy with my money, if he told me to come fight for the same price, I would do it.”

“I’m coming for all the 55lbers and I really want to prove I’m No. 1. It would be nice to get a title shot, but if I need to come through it and work my way up, I’m more than willing. Part of being No. 1 is beating everyone, every match-up, I think I can beat every style out there."

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NJstileNJ site profile image  

10/3/11 12:53 PM by NJstileNJ

Sorry to say but there are at least 3 UFC LWs that beat Melendez.

CrazyPope site profile image  

10/3/11 12:52 PM by CrazyPope

Why are monopolies bad in sports? I'd much rather be able to see the top guys fight each other. Are you telling me you'd rather Melendez stay in SF and fight cans? Not saying he has been, he's got some good wins, but there are only so many good fighters outside of the UFC.

CHILLITACO site profile image  

10/3/11 12:37 PM by CHILLITACO

its VERY smart, the more top talent they bring over the better :)If by some chance the govt decides that they do have a monopoly (even though quite unlikely) they will only be forced to sell off / open to outside offers the SF fighter contracts.....(or ones left!)plus history has already shown them that any purchase they make doesn't make money unless it has the UFC banner. SF sure wasn't before they bought it, so still unlikely now they have stripped it.

stonepony site profile image  

10/2/11 5:33 PM by stonepony

Nothing you just said makes any sense at all. DW is destroying SF, by offering contracts to fighters? They go to the UFC because they want to fight in the big league organization. If you want to complain about somebody "destroying SF", complain about the fighters who jump ship.Also, it's co-promotion that would destroy MMA. Just like it's helped put boxing in the toilet. There's nothing good about it. Let Bellator and SF and the other farm-teams co-promote, those organizations are good because they give fighters an alternative place to go. For when they wash out of the UFC, or when they're on their way up and need some wins. They serve a purpose there, like triple-A baseball.

un3rgr0und site profile image  

10/2/11 2:25 PM by un3rgr0und

This is a good move, its only a matter of time before all the top guys are over in the UFC from Strikeforce...then we can have a UFC vs Strikeforce PPVmaybe...not

MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

10/2/11 1:44 PM by MercWaMouth85

I can't wait to bump this thread when Gil gets exposed like the other SF fighters.

Sliced site profile image  

10/2/11 1:01 PM by Sliced

I can't stand Melendez as a person. Hope he gets destroyed in his ufc debut.

SexiestManAlive site profile image  

10/2/11 12:18 PM by SexiestManAlive

Be careful, Gil might show up here and shut you down

Bofbro site profile image  

10/2/11 12:07 PM by Bofbro

Do really think Zuffa want to negotiate with Showtime? I don't fucking think so.That will be the EXCUSE for strikeforce folding

Bofbro site profile image  

10/2/11 12:04 PM by Bofbro

Dana is destroying Strikeforce imo.Monopolies are not good.