Bisping: I'm more like the devil

by James Robson | source:

Bisping has enjoyed sold-out shows at the MEN and O2 Arenas when coming back to these shores. But he is far from the hero in the US.

“I wish I could say I was the Simon Cowell of UFC, but I’m more like the devil,” he says. “If you read the Internet you’d think I was hated.

“Maybe I am, but when I meet anyone the reaction is amazing. I’m the pantomime villain they all like to boo.

“It’s because the last time I was on Ultimate Fighter I was the coach of Team UK v USA. We wiped floor with the USA and I was very vocal and trying to play mind games.

“I’m an English guy beating them at their own game. They don’t like that.”

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role model site profile image  

10/8/11 2:32 PM by role model

Lest we forget, Michael "The Cunt" Bispings blatant cheapshot in his last fight. Kneeing a downed opponent in the face, and trying to do it again before the ref pulled him off. What a joke

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/8/11 2:28 PM by chaplinshouse

Only that yo mamma didn't swallow

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/8/11 2:27 PM by chaplinshouse

Umm, sure bro why not. Not that I think Miller is a shoe-in, I don't like either guy and I think they're pretty evenly matched overall (but I do give a slight edge to Miller). PM me to confirm and I'll save the PM. Or youtube mail me on my youtube account.

buchu8oolong site profile image  

10/8/11 9:21 AM by buchu8oolong

Yes,appypolly loggy. I am also sure that he was drugged in the Hendo fight his game plan of getting in Anderson Silva's face will pan out well. No homo, but I also think that he looks like a young Billy Boy but perddy an all clan shave like

Devlin site profile image  

10/8/11 9:14 AM by Devlin

Really a dig at the british education system? i wouldn't want to assume your american, but maybe it would be smarter to target something else, i mean, the teeth or something. You really dont want to go into who on average is smarter....

MMA_Hole site profile image  

10/8/11 9:03 AM by MMA_Hole

So now you're absolutely certain that it was an accident?As for the gesture, even if Bisping's insinuating that Jorge's a wanker, that's not the same as clearly celebrating a deliberate strike.

Don_Dada site profile image  

10/8/11 9:00 AM by Don_Dada

 Mad bro ?

Rucking Fetard site profile image  

10/8/11 8:55 AM by Rucking Fetard

go get that sand out of your vagina

buchu8oolong site profile image  

10/8/11 8:49 AM by buchu8oolong

*watched again**makes masturbatory gesture* "Can you say with absolutely certainty that it was an accident?"Yes.

MMA_Hole site profile image  

10/8/11 8:13 AM by MMA_Hole

Watch again. Bisping didn't celebrate the foul. He just tried to keep the crowd pumped. It's a bit of a stretch to see Bisping put his hands in the air and deem it to mean he's celebrating a foul he deliberatly perpetrated.Also, watch the knee itself. Bisping's clearly holds back for a moment when Jorge is on all fours, waiting for him to get up. You can see him watching Jorge's hands waiting for the right moment to throw it. When Jorge lifts his hands off the Matt and starts to get up, Bisping throws. Instead of coming all the way up to his feet in one fluid motion, Jorge stops on his knees and is still grounded when the strike lands. It's a pretty textbook accidental illegal knee, the kind that happens fairly regularly in the heat of the moment and if anyone other than Bisping had thrown it, they would have been given the benefit of the doubt.Can you say with absolutely certainty that it was an accident? Obviously not. Does the footage clearly show it was deliberate? No. Only Bisping knows the truth but, once again, anyone else who has as many fights as Bisping in the UFC without even a hint of dirty tactics would have been given the benefit of the doubt. Don't let your emotional reaction cloud your judgement.