Nam Phan: 'Steven Seagal is a fraud'


The opinionated Phan spoke with earlier this week during a guest appearance on The Verbal Submission, explaining the reasons fighting "Bad Boy" is like defusing a time bomb, fighting with your back against the wall. And he has some very harsh words for "The Lawman," Steven Seagal.

Brian Hemminger: You were originally on the undercard and then the Mike Russow / Dave Herman fight gets scrapped then Bam! you're on the main card of a big UFC pay-per-view (in a remaqtch vs Leonard Garcia at UFC 138). How does that feel to get that big bump to such an important slot?

Nam Phan: Yeah it feels pretty good. I did an interview with someone else earlier this week and they asked me, "What do I do before a fight?" and I just tell them I try to relax when I can because I'm not a main event type fighter, I'm not gonna be a part of the main event. I was on the Facebook fights and now I'm on that main card which is pretty cool.

BH: I know you mentioned one of your favorite fighters right now is Chael Sonnen so how cool is it that you're on the main card with a guy you really look up to?

NP: Oh yeah, it's definitely a very awesome experience. I get to meet him in person and from my experience when I got to meet him, he seemed like a very down to Earth guy, a gentleman and with the media or in front of the camera, he does a good job, puts on a show just like Koscheck. You guys need to meet Koscheck or Chael Sonnen in person, they're totally different guys. They're very down to Earth guys so I'm very excited to be on the same card as Chael Sonnen.

BH: What is your opinion on Stevan Seagal? I've seen you've got some pretty strong feelings on him.

NP: Great question, that's an awesome question. I think that guy's a freaking fraud man. What the heck is that? Oh God that guy pisses me off! That's my opinion. Did he teach martial arts at all? Even if he weight lifts or does sports, plays football or something, if a guy comes in a couple hours before your game or your match, you know it doesn't make a difference. This guy is saying, "I came into the back room and I taught him to kick and that made all the difference," as if Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva didn't know how to do a front kick before meeting him. I remember watching Lyoto fighting Randy Couture and he knocks Randy Couture out with a front kick and he goes, "I'd like to thank Steven Seagal and my dad." I was like, if I was Lyoto dad, I'd freakin slap him. Like, what the heck dude, "I taught you karate since you were a little freakin' kid. I raised you, I fed you, I gave you clothes on your back and you thank this guy before me?!?! I should disown you!" Oh my God!

BH: In a perfect world, how would you like the fight to finish against Leonard Garcia?

NP: Oh man. Either a submission or a knockout, the sooner the better. Just get in, get out and go home. Please, please, if we go to the judges, I might just pull out a grenade and kill myself. That's it, I lost. (laughs).

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Mmanizzle site profile image  

10/15/11 12:49 AM by Mmanizzle

What would be seriously funny is if one of the Black House guys listed Aikido as their fighting discipline...  LOL 

jct71 site profile image  

10/13/11 12:35 PM by jct71

Touche'! I have no idea what prompted me to create my account but it was probably movie trivia or some nonsense. Thanks for the info.

Trolling Stones site profile image  

10/13/11 12:25 PM by Trolling Stones

No, you probably created an account some other time to post in some other topic =) Don't matter. But yeah, opinion, we all have them. I thank you for yours sir.

jct71 site profile image  

10/13/11 12:22 PM by jct71

I simply posted a quote by Machida, take from it what you will. I could say your tone is the same. I said your theory is possible, as is anything. I'm not taking it personally and I didn't create an account solely for this topic.

Trolling Stones site profile image  

10/13/11 12:12 PM by Trolling Stones

As already stated, i'm saying it's another way of speaking the truth, without actually saying Segal taught him the kick, just tweaked it and that Segal was brought in to up their marketability.If you bothered to read my reply to you, the attitude you are displaying( BWAH MY POST IS THE TRUTH), is what i was talking about. Again, i simply found it amusing that i wasnt being mentioned.A POSSIBILITY.You seem to take all of this very personally.

JonesBonedTheFakeMrT site profile image  

10/13/11 11:38 AM by JonesBonedTheFakeMrT

LMFAO, thats so wrong though.

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

10/13/11 11:35 AM by ALL DAY JAY

Lots of people swinging from Seagals nuts these days. The guy is a fucking joke, and lots of you jokers are buying the bull shit. Waiting for the nut huggers to defend Seagal........And lets please not pretend that Seagal could actually fight. The guy did Aikido demonstrations and he is an actor. Let get serious.

reelfoot site profile image  

10/13/11 11:28 AM by reelfoot

I like anyone that calls that fraud out, and I like his memes.