Riot breaks inside cage out at unregulated bout in MI


Last Saturday, at Flint Fight Fest, an unregulated amateur MMA show in Flint, Michigan, a brawl broke out in the cage, and then spectators began pouring over the top bar to join in. Eventually the Flint Police Department stepped in and restored order. 

Occurences like this are an embarassment to the sport and everyone invloved, and highlight the need for the regulation of amateur MMA in Michigan.

A UGer attended the event, and provided further details.

From: David@accu
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So it pretty much went like this. The two guys in cage fight and the one guy grabs the mic after the fight like they always allow the winner too. He starts bad mouthing some dude who is ducking him, when all the sudden the guy who is being bad mouthed's friend who also fights gets into the cage to defend his friend on the mic(no reason this should have been allowed) they get face to face and the guy let's a n-bomb go and that's where you see the video pick up.

The "team" in question is Team Savage. They are a ammy mma gym and known locally around. Never have had I seen anyone have problems with these guys up until that night. I think much less of all of them now and a good portion of the ammy promotions have decided on a temporary suspension of having any team savage member compete but unfortunately not all the promotions agreed on this. We don't have ammy sanctioned yet so there will be no form of formal punishment although 99% of us agree there should be.

Alot of things went wrong that night. Too many people allowed in the cage at once. The stupid guy being allowed to come into the cage and grab the mic. So many things to count.

It was actually worse than what you see in the video. There was fighting all over the place and they destroyed the temple not once but twice. The police started using pepper spray and shit and people obviously who had nothing to do with anything got sprayed. Ring girls had beer thrown on them. Announcer and Ref got jumped. It was awful.



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audit site profile image  

10/14/11 2:50 PM by audit

 Maybe good old Righteous Rick will come out and save Michigan from this slander. (HAHAHAHA, Who am I kidding,)

studiocamp site profile image  

10/13/11 8:39 PM by studiocamp

Incidences like this will kill MMA more than wrestling is.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

10/13/11 6:53 PM by UnderTheClock

"ahhh flint. the white ghetto ass detroit"    lol, it's a black city for many years   

David@accu site profile image  

10/13/11 6:35 PM by David@accu

  Flint and Detroit are shitholes but the area in this case had little to do with what happened. Team Savage competes all over Michigan. It just so happens this took place in Flint. The funny thing is I could have named at least 5 other teams and a dozen or so other guys I thought would do this before they did.

elgringo site profile image  

10/13/11 5:12 PM by elgringo

judging Michigan by looking at only Flint is like saying all of Southern California is just like Compton

Drunkie site profile image  

10/13/11 5:02 PM by Drunkie

i live in ann arbor michigan an i claim both citys as part of michigan. they are not bad places. thy are just like citys in every other state. sometimes shit jumps off. i grew up in miami an i can tell you it isn't any safer then the d or flint. chi-town is just like this also. all big citys will have some issues. an issues doesn't make it a bad place. something got out of hand an became a mess it sucks that it happened but it isn't that big of a deal.

Buddhasport_Matt_Bull site profile image  

10/13/11 4:50 PM by Buddhasport_Matt_Bull

That's not Quincy. Im a fellow promoter in Jackson, MI where Quicny is at and that's not him.

Sandy Pantz site profile image  

10/13/11 12:44 PM by Sandy Pantz

This is way more interesting than UFC point fighting. Long live unregulated MMA!

Rafael135 site profile image  

10/13/11 12:40 PM by Rafael135

Beast from the East is either trolling, is from Ohio or has only been to the low end in society of Michigan. Where I live happens to be a pretty wealthy city and it's so low in crime that a bike stolen off someone's front lawn makes to the newspaper.

Bat21 site profile image  

10/13/11 12:30 PM by Bat21

 I've travelled around Michigan extensively, you speak the truth.