GSP: Condit is not my friend


"I'm going to have to deal with a guy who has knockout power, very technical striker and a great ground game as well. Unpredictable fighter. I've seen a lot of improvement in Carlos' game but I believe I'm a more improved fighter than Carlos is. I have a game plan to take care of Carlos and I will execute it. He's not my friend and I don't put any emotion in but I believe I will have the key to victory. I do believe I will be able to knock him out or submit him. I will remain the welterweight champion."

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MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

10/12/11 7:02 PM by MercWaMouth85


AlexanderTheGreatJJ site profile image  

10/12/11 6:58 PM by AlexanderTheGreatJJ

He says that every fight. The after he apologizes and claims he wanted to finish him. Either way, not hatin, GSP will probably win convincingly.

Freeman Dyson site profile image  

10/12/11 6:57 PM by Freeman Dyson

 don't blink

stillmatic site profile image  

10/12/11 6:56 PM by stillmatic

LOL he says he's going to finish every fight.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

10/12/11 6:51 PM by lookoutawhale

 Watch his fights before that then. Karo was pure ground game 3 rounds. BJ takedown ground game. Sean Sherk was taken down and elbowed. Trigg was takendown, with hooks and RNC. Mayhem fight was pretty much on the ground the whole fight. A subbmission that never came there. His UCC fight consist of a quick takedown and vicious ground and pound with many kimura attempts. The Matt Hughes and Jay Hieron fight have given some the perception that he was some type of knockout artist.

z00f site profile image  

10/12/11 6:48 PM by z00f

"I do believe I will be able to knock him out or submit him. " finally GSP is gonna be looking for knock out or a submission! great news 

stillmatic site profile image  

10/12/11 6:46 PM by stillmatic

The reason fighters don't aggressively come at GSP is they get taken down much easier if they do. GSP will repeatedly get TD's, pass to half guard, GNP, pass to mount and not do much from there. Condit is probably crafty enough off his back to not take too much damage, but he won't be able to mount much of an offense against GSP.

McCorklemyHero site profile image  

10/12/11 6:45 PM by McCorklemyHero

I remember when he first won the belt, don't quite remember it happening how you describe.  

lookoutawhale site profile image  

10/12/11 6:43 PM by lookoutawhale

Hes fought pretty much the same way ever since UCC/TKO. Takedown ASAP and ground and pound. Almost all his fights in his career have been that way.