Bisping: Sonnen blew it, I deserve title shot


Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen are two of the most compelling and cotroversial fighters in the UFC. Now, in this exclusive interview with Fighters Only magazine, Bisping says that he, and not Chael Sonnen, deserves a title shot against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (assuming Bisping gets past fellow TUF coach Jason 'Mayhem' Miller.

“Far be it from me to question the UFC," said Bisping. "That’s not what I am doing, but I just have my opinion. Chael Sonnen had his chance, put on a great performance but lost. Got tapped out, got finished, and then after that he failed a steroids test. As far as I can see he had his chance and he blew it.

“I feel I deserve a shot. I have got to beat Miller, he is tough, I am not looking past him. [But] its me, I’m the contender. Belfort has just been beat, Yushin Okami has just been beat, Sonnen got beat. What are they going to do, all they all going to keep beating each other up and then having another shot at him?"

“I feel I match quite well with Anderson believe it or not, I think stylistically I will give him a good match up. I will do a better job than everyone has lately, Anderson hasn’t even been in a fight lately. They haven’t pressured him, they haven’t turned it into a fight. The last fight Anderson had was against Chael Sonnen."

“So yeah if I get my shot… listen, its easier said than done. You can sit here and say ‘you’ve got to do this against Anderson’ - getting in the cage and doing it to him is a completely different kettle of fish. But I feel I have earned the right to have my shot.”

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SBJJSean site profile image  

10/15/11 7:47 AM by SBJJSean


ausgepicht site profile image  

10/14/11 3:37 PM by ausgepicht

I agree. While I don't think Bisping hand picked his "17" opponents, he sure as hell KNEW they were picked for him and never complained. He is fully aware that he is an English cash cow created to rob gullible punters. 

Bat21 site profile image  

10/14/11 3:29 PM by Bat21

With respect, I don't see how Bisping beating a currently non-top-10 fighter in Miller would elevate him into the UFC top-5? Not sure of your logic here. Yes, Bisping has beaten the last 3 fighters that Joe Silva has put in front of him. None of them were top-10 fighters.  Any time they've thrown him at a top-10 fighter (Wandy, Rashad, Hendo), he loses. How is he in the top-10 without defeating even one top-10 fighter?  If you think that Zuffa isn't  carefully picking Bisping's opponents to ensure that he stays around long enough to further develop UK fan interest in the UFC brand, then I don't know what to tell you other than I think you're wrong.  

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/14/11 2:28 PM by stlnl2

I think you are right that BISPING doesnt hand pick his opponents, Dana and Silva do that for him.........and they pick guys that will make him look good (or as good as he can look).

Jack Skellington site profile image  

10/14/11 2:11 PM by Jack Skellington

 for you guys who keep saying 'who did he beat, who did he beat?' He's beaten the last 3 fighters Joe SIlva has given him to fight. Nobody hand picks their opponents least of all Bisping. (assuming Bisping beats Mayhem) Look I'm not even a Bisping supporter but I do see a guy who would have 4 strait wins in the UFC. The 4 wins might not have been against former world champions or anything but the 4 men where not 'cans' to say the least. Dan Miler, Rivera, Mayhem & Akiyama. I'm not saying Bisping would be my choice as the #1 contender with a win over Mayhem. I think Chael should get the next title shot. I do think Bisping should fight Belfort in a title eliminator fight with the winner getting the title shot after Sonnen. Either way I have Bisbing in the top 5 in the UFC MW division if he beats Mayhem.  

HighBastard site profile image  

10/14/11 12:16 PM by HighBastard

pillowfists has no possible way to win.

Bat21 site profile image  

10/14/11 11:34 AM by Bat21

 Being 11-3 in the UFC is one thing, being 11-3 against top competition in the UFC is quite another. As has been pointed out, beating up on fighters on their way out of the UFC anyway does not a contender make. Beating top-10/top-5 opponents is what gets you a title shot. But, having said all that, I'd love to see Bisping fight Silva. I have no love for Bisping and seeing him blasted into oblivion again in high-light reel fashion would be very satisfying.

GSPtruefan site profile image  

10/14/11 9:33 AM by GSPtruefan

Silva doesn't want sonnen or bones. Gsp doesn't want silva. So who else is there really to fight?? I think bisping has a fair point and he won't just stand there while silva dances and hits him so will do better than the last two guys who fought silva. Would be good ppv too as the Brits will buy and Anderson needs a good ppv.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

10/14/11 9:23 AM by Jack Skellington

 if Bisping beats Miller next then he should face Belfort for the #1 contender match while Sonnen gets the next title shot at Anderson

SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/14/11 8:53 AM by SuMBJJ

LMAO. He lost to the burnt toast version of Wand... not a BS decision, he lost that fight. He seriously thinks he's got anything for Silva?