TUF 14's Akira Corassani: How am I going to get the F up?

by Akira Corassani | source: mma.sbnation.com

Last night's TUF episode was delicately titled "Get the F' up" a name inspired by coach Michael Bisping's pointed instructions to Stephen Bass during his losing performance against Dennis Bermudez. Fellow TUF 14 contestant Hamid 'Akira' Corassani blogs for MMA Nation about the contrasting coaching styles.

I still don't know why Bisping didn't show up to the fight announcement. Some of the guys minded but he's not our father. He's not our coach even. Our real coaches are at home. He was our coach for the season. Of course we respect him for that and we stick with this guy whatever it takes. The only thing those coaches could do was amplify our skills and help us out in the corner. That's what I was after. Just help add to the training I have worked on for the last seven years.

Bermudez did what he had to do and put it on Bass. I have to give it to Bass. He was hanging in there. We never fully heard what was said between he and Bisping. There are two sides to every story. At the end of the day he didn't go out and win that fight. You are responsible for yourself inside the cage. The corner can't fight for you. One little tiny thing blew up into a huge drama.

If you have greater than a five IQ it's very clear that Bisping and Miller have a very different style of coaching. The most preferable is Miller's way of coaching. Methodic, slow and positive. Bisping was more just yelling "get the F up!" How am I going to get the F up? Tell me how to get up. Different styles. We're not there with our normal coaches so I would never criticize Bisping for that. He just wasn't as clear and methodic. His gameplans were always great. He can just be emotional during the fights. Miller did a great job though.

I can't say anything about next week but I can promise some real craziness! You'll have to stay tuned.

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Recent Comments »

knockoutfighter site profile image  

10/14/11 11:20 PM by knockoutfighter

It's a great season of fights for damn sure. and yeah that was very douchey the way Bisping called you out immediately when he walked in. Just the way he even says his words is immature & childish. He seems like he should be on TUF, not coaching it. Oh wait.

TheBass site profile image  

10/14/11 10:25 PM by TheBass

thx guys, and no secret room. I just pulled him to the side and said my piece.Glad you're enjoying the show, hope to keep it entertaining for you guys all season long

Morgz site profile image  

10/14/11 4:28 PM by Morgz

 I'm enjoying this season of TUF.

jct71 site profile image  

10/14/11 3:56 PM by jct71

Bisping was douchey for airing him out like that after a loss. Tough fight Bass, you ate some hard shots on the ground. I could hear them clear through my sound system and they were cringe worthy. Props for gutting it out that long.

knockoutfighter site profile image  

10/14/11 3:50 PM by knockoutfighter

why didn't they air the conversation between you and Bisping? Did you pull him into some secret room or something?

thepriest555 site profile image  

10/14/11 3:30 PM by thepriest555

 Bass- Sorry, It was the other fight aired that had the RNC.  I remember a few timesthere were attempts and you could;ve have "found a way out", as dana mentioned as well.  I train with someone that was on the last season and he said Koschek also enforced the standing up principle on his team.   So, "Captain America" was in the Pague/Guadinot.

RedVexx site profile image  

10/14/11 3:06 PM by RedVexx

Bass there was a couple of times where you could have gotten up or either grabbed a single and possibly turned it around. But after that first round it looked like you were trying to pull guard.

ramit upper site profile image  

10/14/11 3:03 PM by ramit upper

 props to TheBass. It would be very easy to jump on the BispingHate bandwagon (as always)..  but I`m sure Mike tried his best..      not everybody trains the same way & to be fair..  Bisping has been pretty successful doing things his way. I`m pretty sure any of his team would be overjoyed to acheive what Mike has acheived. Good luck for the future TheBass.

TheBass site profile image  

10/14/11 2:53 PM by TheBass

thx, forward!!!

Dead Again site profile image  

10/14/11 2:34 PM by Dead Again

 That's good dude. I'm not a Bisping fan but getting up is probably something he's one of the best at. I also thought that Brock and his coaches were some of the best I've seen on TUF at teaching takedown defense. His guys all did the same things and were all very very tough to takedown during that season. Good luck going forward.