Magalhaes needs to get paid to help train Fedor


Brian Hemminger ( There's a report that came out today and I've read rumors about this in the past as well that there's the possibility of you helping train Fedor for his fight with Jeff Monson. Is that something that you're planning on doing after your title defense? Are there plans in the works?

Vinny Magalhaes: I've been asked this question a couple times today, nothing actually came up to me yet, I've just heard rumors like the head of M-1 he talked about bringing me to Holland to train with Fedor. That happened before too. My manager tried to negotiate with them and at first they agreed to come, blah, blah, blah but then when it was time for me to go, they said, "A lot of guys will train with Fedor for free just because he's such a legend," but I was like, "I can't go three weeks, not working. I have to pay bills. My son was 2-3 months old at the time. I couldn't train there for free," so I ended up not going.

So this time, it's gonna be the same way. If they're not gonna pay for me to be there, then I'm not going. It's not like I'm all about money, but if I'm not going to be working at Xtreme Couture, I'm not going to be holding my classes, I'm going to be leaving my family and my wife doesn't work so I want to support my family. I have to be compensated. You know, hopefully we can negotiate how that's gonna work. If they decide not to pay me, then I won't go.

BH: Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Who would want to put everything on hold to go offer your services for free when you have those responsibilities?

VM: Yeah, that's the thing. They say to train with him would help me and everybody out. It's not like I don't have a good training camp in Vegas. It's not like I'm doing something with Fedor because I need to. It's not for me, it's to help somebody out. Of course, I feel like he's a legend and a lot of people basically train with him but like, I'm gonna be just coming out of a fight so it's not like I'm going to need to be training. It's not for me, it's for him. I'll definitely need to be paid or I'm not going.

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Magalhaes defends his M-1 light heavyweight title Saturday night against Russian Combat Sambo player Mikhail Zayats at M-1 Challenge 27 in Phoenix, AZ.


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MonsterBalls site profile image  

10/16/11 4:58 PM by MonsterBalls

Lot's of guys train together to learn from each other. Not everyone pays somebody to train with them. Vinny didn't want to go train there because he has other priorities. No big deal. People are making it more than it really is.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

10/16/11 4:47 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Yeah, clearly, Fedor has NO CLUE how to defend a triangle. It's a miracle he made it as long as he did before that got exposed, I'm actually surprised he hasn't lost every fight in his career (except against Zulu Jr) by triangle. I mean, it's not like he just shrugged off multiple triangle attempts by Noguera, who up until then looked like an unstoppable submission machine, who had numerous wins by traingle. It's not like he spent extended periods of time on the ground with him, and not only made him look like he wasn't even a threat, but put one of the most viscous ground & pound beatings in history on him, while defending sub attempt after sub attempt.

CindyO site profile image  

10/16/11 4:00 AM by CindyO

 Turning this down tells me Vinny's a man who has his priorities in order. Hope something nice happens to you in the future. Would have been neat to get to go, though. Cindy

Mr Sponge site profile image  

10/16/11 2:09 AM by Mr Sponge

No wonder fedor has had such shit training. You think maybe a guy that just beat werdum at the adcc's could have helped fedor train that triangle defense? You get what you pay for.

Freakin 10er site profile image  

10/16/11 2:02 AM by Freakin 10er

I think we can all side with Vinny on this one. 3 weeks of free training with a guy Vinny's level!? C'mon now, a man has a family to take care of. You would think that with his next opponent being Monson M1 would want every BJJ'er on the planet training with Fedor

Yoshida4Life site profile image  

10/15/11 11:10 PM by Yoshida4Life

In the last interview I saw with Fedor when Lesnar was mentioned, he was barely aware of who Lesnar was. It is very doubtful Fedor was afraid of anyone at all prior to his loss to Werdum. Are you forgetting that Lesnar does not deal well woth punches?Fedor would punch Lesnar into defeat before it got to the ground, and on the ground Fedor would catch him in a heel hook faster than he caught Silva. And that heelhook actually did some damage, though Silva resisted it and refused to tap.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

10/15/11 8:34 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

Can we ALL please just agree to stop saying that already? If Silva took down and held down Fedor that easily, how in the world would he of kept an even bigger, more athletic, championship level wrestler like Lesnar from doing the same?Fedor DUCKED Lesnar because he knew he couldn't beat him, plain and simple. That is NOT respectable behavior. And people need to stop making excuses for him. We are all adults, and as an adukt you are FULLY responsible and accountable for the decisions your managment makes.If anything, the UG should ban all Fedor talk. He was great in 06. So was Pulver lol.

Stryfe1982 site profile image  

10/15/11 3:52 PM by Stryfe1982

That makes his run that much more impressive. Fedor spent all these years training at a playground and he has dominated the sport...

catbath site profile image  

10/15/11 2:34 PM by catbath

Vinny is just being a responsible father.  That takes more guts and heart than fighting any day. I think a lot of the ire comes from M-1 announcing they are bring in Vinny without even thinking he might want to be compensated or that his time in Russia would represent a substantial loss of teaching revenue, which he currently depends on for his family.

Brian Littlefield site profile image  

10/15/11 2:09 PM by Brian Littlefield

 Anyone preaching this is a fucking idiot. Fedor going to teach him what? Whats Fedor going to teach him he can't learn in the states thats worth putting his family and finances on the back burner?