Gil Melendez: If things go well, I might go to 170


"If things go well here, then I might go to 170 you know. Why not?

"I can fight at 170 pounds and I know I can beat some guys out there, but there are definitely plenty of challenges at 155 right now. But you know why not have goals in the long term to be one of the best in the world and go to three weight classes. Why not?

"I'm not trying to be arrogant; it's just that it's a dream. I'm allowed to dream a little bit and I'm allowed to work for it. So, that's what I mean by that."

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NHB USA site profile image  

10/14/11 7:42 PM by NHB USA


MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

10/14/11 7:36 PM by MercWaMouth85


SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/14/11 6:54 PM by SuMBJJ

Gil is the best.  I don't know what else to tell you guys.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/14/11 6:53 PM by SuMBJJ

^smokes rocks

Godmode site profile image  

10/14/11 6:47 PM by Godmode

Why the fuck would he go to 170? Doesn't make any sense since he's a top of the food chain LW...

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

10/14/11 4:49 PM by mcpeepants232003

Obviously he's top five. He's top 3(have him 3 after Frankie and Gray) imo. that being said I don't want him at 170 unless he's stuck with Sf. If he goes to the Ufc there are too many good fights at 155 for him to move up. Especially with Shields, Ninja and Nick all at 170.

cumprido1 site profile image  

10/14/11 4:46 PM by cumprido1

Until someone absolutely kicks his ass, I'd rank him in the top 5 in the world for sure.I think he can hang with anyone in the UFC at 155. He's got good wrestling, great chin, good boxing, has KO power, has good BJJ training at Caesar's, and he's an experienced fighter.I don't think Guillard would beat him, don't think Pettis would beat him, and it'd be a toss up w/ Frankie and Gray and Bendo.

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

10/14/11 4:36 PM by MakeMeBleed

Gil has been in the game a long time and beat some great fighters in amazing fashion. and you have 12 fighters on your 10 fighter list. He has earned a shot in the big show IMO he is a great fighter

yhknq site profile image  

10/14/11 4:29 PM by yhknq

 what a great dude thanks for passing along the vid

heroder site profile image  

10/14/11 4:18 PM by heroder

Bendo- one top 10 win over Miller.Miller- Never had a top 10 win but was ranked top 10Pettis- Got beat by Guida a guy who wasnt top 10 at the timeGray and Frankie are above the rest in the UFC like it or not. But Gil is on there level.Gil has wrestling, tdd, striking, speed, submissions, and is bigger and just as versatile as Frankie and more versatile then grayGil has 2 top 10 wins. Where as No one on that list has more then one real top 10 win.Wins overAOki- top 3Kawajiri- top 10Thompson- top 15Ishida- top 30Damn- 40unlike many every UFC FIGHTER (besides Gray and Frankie) he has fought fighters ranked higher then the previous in all his fights.