Magalhaes retains title with spectacular win at M-1 Challenge 27

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It didn't come easy, but it did come in spectacular fashion, as M-1 Global light heavyweight champ Vinny Magalhaes scored a third-round stoppage of impressive challenger Mikhail Zayats. Magalhaes survived some early challenges from his foe before landing a crushing high kick that ultimately led to the finish.

In the third, Magalhaes finally came alive, scoring with a spectacular right high kick to the neck as he ducked away. Zayats dropped to his knees, and a few punches sealed the result for the submission specialist at the 73-second mark of the third round.

Magalhaes now has four consecutive wins. Zayats sees a four-fight win streak snapped.

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M-1 Challenge: Magalhaes vs. Zayats
Grand Canyon University Arena
Phoenix, AZ
Main card aired on Showtime

Main Card (Showtime)
Champ Vinny Magalhaes def. Mikhail Zayats via TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 1:13 - to retain light heavyweight title
Kenny Garner def. Maxim Grishin via submission (punches) - Round 5, 4:07 - to become interim heavyweight champion
Arthur Guseinov def. Eddie Arizmendi via submission (heel hook) - Round 1, 0:50
Yasubey Enomoto def. Josh Thorpe via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 1:07
Daniel Madrid def. Tom Gallicchio via submission (armbar) - Round 1, 0:48

Prelim Card (not televised)
Michael Chavez def Joe Martinez via split decision
Ryan Crouch def. Fredrik Lumpkin via TKO (punches) Rd 2

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NHB USA site profile image  

10/16/11 8:04 PM by NHB USA

Awesome, thanks for the response!I completely understand... and good analogy.I know Vinny can compete and do well in the UFC, I just hope he gets his striking comfortable enough to fight his fight against those guys in the UFC. I actually thought he won his fight vs Eliot Marshall @ UFC 98. but it's good to hear he's improving, and now that I think about it on TUF 8 he was running into wild exchanges w/ Krzyzstof, very dangerous! as you know, some people can practice striking for years and years and still really suck.. whereas most everyone who try's BJJ will improve no matter what over time. Like they say about striking... you either got it or you don't. I'm glad you say Vinny's got it!

The Hyena site profile image  

10/15/11 9:15 PM by The Hyena

I agree, ( and im his Muay Thai coach) its not that he isnt fluid he is getting soooo much better !! its he doesnt have confidence in it, he beats up MANY MANY hight level strikers in the gym , and no im not giving names its training ... but he need to get comfortable in the ring..... getting better all the time !!!ps. its just like jiu-jitsu your first 13 matches were you a Black Belt ??? thanks for the honesty brah

Chris_G site profile image  

10/15/11 9:09 PM by Chris_G

awesome! that head kick was so effective because of the way Vinny strikes, he lets his upper body get just a little ahead of the punch so he is actually pulling his right and doesnt let the cross take any momentum from the kick on the same side. very nice.

PiousDevil site profile image  

10/15/11 5:52 PM by PiousDevil

ridiculous head kick. Awesome.

mongoosemountainbiker site profile image  

10/15/11 5:21 PM by mongoosemountainbiker

Move to 5:15..thank you!!FEDOR SUCKS

mongoosemountainbiker site profile image  

10/15/11 5:18 PM by mongoosemountainbiker


NHB USA site profile image  

10/15/11 5:17 PM by NHB USA

Vinny looked good on the ground, but I'm starting to wonder just how much he is improving on his MMA game. To me, Vinny seemed really stiff with his striking and to be honest, it looked the same as on TUF, 3 years ago. He's always had good kicks, that's how he beat Rashad Evans brother, but his striking is awkward to say the least.I really hope I see more out of his striking next time out. Like you saw, sometimes the ground game won't work for certain opponents and you need fluid striking. I don't want this to come off as over critiquing a fighter, I just want to see the best from Vinny as a fan of his. I want him back in the UFC but he seems like he still needs to polish that striking.

mongoosemountainbiker site profile image  

10/15/11 5:16 PM by mongoosemountainbiker

Fedor Vs Randleman - SUPLEX

mongoosemountainbiker site profile image  

10/15/11 5:14 PM by mongoosemountainbiker

And I will tuck you in bed so that mommy can go make some $$$$$

mongoosemountainbiker site profile image  

10/15/11 5:11 PM by mongoosemountainbiker

"Please stop"How about I give you a cookie!!! ;-)