Rebney: Only Silva could beat Lombard

by Lutfi Sariahmed | source:

“We have an incredibly dominant champion,” Rebney stated when asked about finding opponents for Lombard. “It’s not easy. I think, right now, when you look at Vitor Vianna and Alexander Shlemenko, we could provide a good test for Hector Lombard. I think he’s one of the best two middleweights on earth. I think Hector is an absolute monster.

“I think there’s one guy on earth right now that I would look at and say to myself, ‘He could beat Hector.’ His name is Anderson Silva. I don’t know that I would pick Anderson to beat Hector, but it would be one heck of a fight. We’ll see what happens with Alexander and Vitor, and one of those guys is going to come out with a big win.”

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1/8/13 10:56 PM by PrettyBoy

Yeah that would be a good fight.

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1/8/13 8:51 PM by ausgepicht

He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but he's wrong. There are a multitude of guys that could potentially beat him. He's got a lot more to prove. He 1-1 and we need to see some consistency and bigger name wins before we declare him the best beside Anderson.

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1/8/13 8:42 PM by KZTT_FawkingxD


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1/8/13 8:39 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE


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10/18/11 10:09 AM by jct71

Leben would be the best win on Lombard's record and Silva has reeled off 13 more since then. Lombard is 33 yrs old with no top 20 wins and shows no sign of wanting to fight top guys.

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

10/18/11 7:00 AM by Roidie McDouchebag

Vianna > Lombard

RonFoster77 site profile image  

10/18/11 6:13 AM by RonFoster77

You know who else everyone said was over rated and didn't deserve a to be consider top 10 just because he wasn't in the UFC......Anderson Silva. When he beat Leban everyone was saying how over rated he was and he didn't beat anyone blah blah blah.Guys for those of you who think Hector is not good your retarded. To win 25 fights in a row for any fighter is a major accomplishment. And he fought several ufc vet and finished all of them by t(ko) or sub. Hector is no question top 10 in the world, I think silva will beat him, sonnen giving him a very hard time and maybe even Vitor. Just like you guys say you can name mw in the ufc that can beat him I can name plenty that he would ktfo.MaiaStannOkamiRockhold (strikeforce but top 10)Imo he ko all of those guys easy and they all are top 10 at WM. Sonnen would give him trouble because of the size difference. Hector is built like a tank but is still a small 85er he only stand about 5-8, and it is true that very few people will spar with Hector because he ko everyone in the gym. Masvidal trains with him just because jorge is to hard to hit..People need to understand that their is great talent outside of the ufc you just don't get good when you sign the surfaced contract. Silva was raked too 10 in the world at 70 before coming to the ufc and no one paid him any attention before he came to ufc, look at his record he was doing the same thing in cage rage as he is doing now. Machida was unbeaten before coming to ufc and everyone said he was over rated. You know who is over rated but you guys go crazy about??? Urhia Faber!

captain_underwear site profile image  

10/18/11 4:57 AM by captain_underwear

LOL at the way everyone ignores THIS:Volkmann: Lombard punched my face during practice, then I played with him“I was just rolling with the guys; we were getting ready for grappling practice, and Hector asked me to wrestle with him,” Volkmann said. “He’s kind of big, but I wrestled and I know he didn’t wrestle. I didn’t know him at all. I know people said, ‘Just stay away from him when you’re on the feet.’ We did sparring the previous day, and people were, like, ‘Don’t go with that guy. Whatever you do, don’t go with that guy.’ I was, like, ‘Alright,’ but then the next day he asked me to wrestle with him.“We were hand fighting for probably three minutes, and he karate chops me. I go, ‘OK, I must be irritating him somehow.’ Thirty seconds later, he pushes me back and punches me in the face, no glove on; gave me a bloody nose and some stars. I was a little irritated, although more disappointed than anything. I kind of rolled my eyes and started walking away, and he tried to fight me right there. He lost it, lost a nerve, and somebody came in and stopped it.”“He told me that I kept on pushing him in the face. I was working his head and trying to get an underhook to try to set up for a shot, so he punched me in the face.”“I just stayed off his head, so I didn’t shoot,” Volkmann said of the post punch pummeling. “I just underhooked him, and I threw him, pushed him off the mat. Sometimes, I do a throw-by. One time, I [swept] him to his back. I wasn’t going 100 percent because I didn’t want to take him down, because a guy like that, if you take him down, he’s going to spaz, so I just kind of played with him a little bit.”“He’s got no endurance. He’s got like three minutes of endurance. The secret to beating him is get close, [use] dirty boxing. He’ll get so tired after three minutes, you’ll win.”He's a fucking joke....cant wait till he gets to the big show, lotsa ego check coming up for himLOL

Kanabull site profile image  

10/17/11 3:29 PM by Kanabull

He had to hold Schlemenko down and stall for 3.5 lbs to retain his belt. He could probably do well in the UFC but eventually one of the top guys will get him.

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10/17/11 3:27 PM by jct71

LOL and Chael would have a hard time taking him down? Why exactly? He has a massive size,strength and wrestling advantage. Not even a Chael fan he'd work Lombard.