Gil Melendez: Frankie Edgar is beatable

by Steven Marrocco | source:

"If you can find that target, it looks like you could put (Frankie Edgar) on the ground," Gil Melendez told "We need someone to find that target more than once, and I think I could find that target."

At the moment, his thoughts are academic. A UFC title shot is not next. What's next is a defense of his Strikeforce belt, and it could be the toughest fight of his life.

"The biggest motivation is fighting a guy who's underrated that I'm supposed to smash," Melendez said. "It's not for the fans; this is for myself to overcome this. I have nothing to gain here."

"I think I can prove a lot to myself if I can handle this business right here. This is where everyone supposedly chokes. Am I going to choke? We'll find out."

"I thought, and I still do think, that it makes sense for me to be [in the UFC]. But with that put away, it's gone in my head, and now it's focusing on this guy."

"He's become a well-rounded MMA fighter in the last couple of years. He's definitely a No. 1 contender and an underrated fighter. I think his biggest problem is being inconsistent ... and that's probably why he's not in the top 10 right now. But when he's focused and motivated, he's definitely a very big threat. Obviously, this is one he better be motivated for."

"I feel some of those guys are more popular than me. My main thing with the UFC is branding myself. I think I've got the better paychecks than a lot of the fighters. But a big part of my future would be able to brand myself, and I assume by the end of my career I would have that opportunity to brand myself in the sport."

"Again, I want the UFC strap as soon as possible, and it's inevitable and I want to get it. If I have to fight 10 guys, yes. But do I feel like I'm ready now? I feel like I'm ready now. I've been ready for a long time. I've been in this sport longer than Gray. I've been in this sport longer than Frankie. I feel like I'm constantly proving myself. I'm not mad, but I feel like I'm ready now." 

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FABERLICIOUS site profile image  

10/18/11 1:48 AM by FABERLICIOUS

Gil got this on lock. Defend the SF title then hit the UFC and take that title!

XFactah416 site profile image  

10/17/11 6:56 PM by XFactah416

Every fighter is beatable.Good luck beating Frankie though. You're gonna need to kill him to take his belt because the last two fights have shown that he is not going to lay down and quit for you in times of adversity.

DaHomewilder site profile image  

10/17/11 6:55 PM by DaHomewilder

Gil's problem is his wide stance;|

GageIsLegend site profile image  

10/17/11 6:53 PM by GageIsLegend

Of course Edgar is beatable. I have never put him in the category of silva and Gsp. Do I think Gil can do it? No

iodio site profile image  

10/17/11 6:50 PM by iodio

Between Maynard and Edgar, Frankie is the better fighter. Melendez could be better than both, but he needs to prove it.

orcus site profile image  

10/17/11 6:39 PM by orcus

Sure, but if Edgar fought smarter in those first rounds, Maynard would have had zero success against him either time. Edgar has demonstrated twice now that even after being badly hurt, he is a better boxer than Maynard, equivalent wrestler, and has better workrate and footwork -- and now he's even shown that he is a better finisher, and/or has a better chin. If he didn't rush in with his hands down in those opening rounds, Maynard would have looked completely outclassed in both fights based on what we've seen. So "if he fought smarter" applies to both guys.  

Lesnar Fan 17 site profile image  

10/17/11 6:12 PM by Lesnar Fan 17

Maynard CAN beat Edgar, he jus needs to fight smarter

Darth Ryase site profile image  

10/17/11 6:00 PM by Darth Ryase

 I hope he does.

subwrassler site profile image  

10/17/11 5:50 PM by subwrassler

Masvdal is no joke....and you just might see him beat Melendez

Darth Ryase site profile image  

10/17/11 5:38 PM by Darth Ryase

 Masvidal is no joke...but I can't see him beating Melendez. His record is too spotty.