McCorkle: Mitrione will put Kongo on queer street

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From: Sean McCorkle
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Which considering he's French to begin with, it's probably a really short trip.

Remember I said it, the first time Kongo tastes one of Matt's punches, he'll desperately start looking for a takedown. But he doesn't have the wrestling to take Matt down, and he for damn sure doesn't have the wrestling to keep him down if he somehow does take him down.

Expect Matt to dominate the entire fight, except for the portions that he's recovering from low blows, or trying to fight through illegal fence grabbing, short pulling, etc.

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Dr Dale Doback site profile image  

11/5/11 5:35 PM by Dr Dale Doback


Blazing Knees site profile image  

11/5/11 5:32 PM by Blazing Knees

 meh. Kongo got lucky

nobones site profile image  

11/2/11 11:47 PM by nobones


nobones site profile image  

11/2/11 11:46 PM by nobones

 Why do McCorkle and Mitrione always think they are so much better than they are?  McCorkle in particular.  How many times has Kongo been knocked out?  He got dropped by Mir and Barry who are both eons better strikers than Mitrione.  Matt gets a couple KOs against some lower level UFC guys and all of a sudden he's greased lightening on the feet?

croy_00 site profile image  

11/2/11 6:30 PM by croy_00

 They fight everyday in the's called sparring.

DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

11/2/11 6:27 PM by DontBeScaredGomi

^ lol @ dicksucking at its finest

WheresBobbySouthworth site profile image  

11/2/11 10:51 AM by WheresBobbySouthworth

I know McCorkle and Mitrione are friends, but I really feel McCorkle would be a perfect next fight for Mitrione. Mitrione needs to improve his takedown defense and fast. McCorkle wouldn't stand with him for a second, so Mitrione would have to demonstrate takedown defense and the ability to survive on the ground or get back to his feet. McCorkle doesn't have a large gas tank, standup or really amazing grappling though, so it's a moderate risk fight.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

10/30/11 7:45 PM by Blazing Knees

 he threw leg kicks and danced till the 3rd

OftheWay site profile image  

10/30/11 6:03 PM by OftheWay