Dana White makes AskMen Most Influential Men in the World list

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Each year AskMen.com generates a list of the Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2011. By their description:

The men who made the list come from different walks of life, but they're all visionaries who completely in their respective fields. They not only challenge themselves to become Better Men every day, but they're dedicated to furthering the future of mankind (even Charlie Sheen, in his own strange way). These are the men history will remember as having defined 2011.

1.    Steve Jobs
2.    SEAL Team Six
3.    Larry Page
4.    Warren Buffett
5.    Kanye West
6.    Mohamed Bouazizi
7.    Prince William
8.    Anonymous (Wiki leaks group)
9.    Ryan Gosling
10.    Lionel Messi
11.    Cadel Evans
12.    Jon Stewart
13.    Andrew Mason
14.    George Clooney
15.    Jay-Z
16.    Charlie Sheen
17.    Alexander Skarsgard
18.    Pep Guardiola
19.    Novak Djokovic
20.    Piers Morgan
21.    Barack Obama
22.    Rene Redzepi
23.    Ashton Kutcher
24.    Anderson Cooper
25.    Ai Weiwei
26.    Jean-Claude Trichet
27.    Mark Zuckerberg
28.    Chris Hemsworth
29.    Terry Richardson
30.    Peter Dinklage
31.    Louis C.K
32.    Mark Cuban
33.    Soleio Cuervo
34.    Elon Musk
35.    Jimmy Fallon
36.    Jack Dorsey
37.    Michael Bloomberg
38.    Dana White
Just when we thought the UFC couldn’t get any bigger, Dana White had to go ahead and prove us all wrong -- again. In what White himself deemed the biggest moment of his career, the charismatic president helped to legalize MMA in Toronto, which helped set the stage for UFC 129 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, an event that drew 55,000 fans and broke ratings records in what White insists is the UFC’s No. 1 television market on the planet. As if that wasn’t enough, White also inked a major broadcasting deal with FOX, which will help ensure that the UFC gets plenty of airtime on the network’s various subsidiary channels for years to come. White might never actually step into the ring himself, but, boy, does he know how to win.
39.    Dirk Nowitzki
40.    Matt Damon
41.    Julian Assange
42.    Tom Brady
43.    Christopher Nolan
44.    Larry David
45.    Rory McIlroy
46.    Justin Timberlake
47.    Bradley Cooper
48.    Oscar Pistorius
49.    Simon Cowell

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Shogun121 site profile image  

10/18/11 9:11 PM by Shogun121

Jimmy Falon?Is this a joke?List has no credibility until it puts beiber on there.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

10/18/11 9:05 PM by The Notorious OMG

lol, first thing I thoughtthe dude from Drive is runnin shit?and ashton kutcher?wtf has he done? is this list going by twitter followers or something?

Zaph site profile image  

10/18/11 9:00 PM by Zaph

I wasn't referring to his death. I was referring to the current wave of popular Apple products.

majikman site profile image  

10/18/11 8:30 PM by majikman

Seems like its just a bunch of random famous dudes

Porkchop site profile image  

10/18/11 8:27 PM by Porkchop

nah man barack walked in and jacked his ass up with a kenyan style beatdown.

Porkchop site profile image  

10/18/11 8:26 PM by Porkchop

yeah but if bill gates were to drop dead, his parade would be bigger.dieing shouldn't get you on the list.but your point about jobs being active lately makes some sense. Even tho i wont be buying an ipad anytime soon.

stonepony site profile image  

10/18/11 5:33 PM by stonepony

You think SEAL Team 6 doesn't exist? You must be one of those moon-landing-was-staged loons?

Crooklyn site profile image  

10/18/11 5:16 PM by Crooklyn

 The whole thing

EatonBeever site profile image  

10/18/11 4:23 PM by EatonBeever

 fuckign retarded list ever...

Authority Figure site profile image  

10/18/11 4:19 PM by Authority Figure

MMA is more influential in society than WikiLeaks. lmaoJulian Assange is somewhere putting together a docket about the "real UFC" as we speak. See you guys @ the presser. lol