Condit 'greatly disappointed', will wait for title shot


"I am greatly disappointed, for both myself and UFC fans, that I will no longer be fighting for the Welterweight title at UFC 137, but I also understand that injuries are a part of this business. As a professional fighter, it is my job to be prepared for any and all circumstances, positive and negative, that come my way during training and the actual fight. Georges is a great competitor and I know that he will want to return to 100 percent health as soon as possible so that this fight can be rescheduled.

This is the best training camp I have ever had, and I look forward to carrying over the growth that I've experienced in this camp to my next one. I have trained for over a decade in mixed martial arts with the clear goal of becoming the best fighter in the world at my weight class. I have worked this long to become the UFC Welterweight Champion.  I will work a little longer."

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Recent Comments »

CNDMMAFan site profile image  

10/19/11 10:54 AM by CNDMMAFan

Maybe nick got the shot because of the simple fact he is ranked in the top five WW in the world, and he is the only one that GSP hasn't beaten before. And please don't sit there and say he was fighting sub par guys just because they were in strike force. Look at Condits record, he hasnt even faced one top ten WW and yet he is the number one contender. Remember, Ellenberger is top ten now, cause of his performances post Condit fight. Sorry, but it doesn't make sense.

tdunning site profile image  

10/19/11 10:48 AM by tdunning

Anyone who pays attention should have an issue with how Dana decides who gets a title shot, I'm not going to argue that. But the fact is that Diaz was granted the shot for being the Strikeforce champion, and Condit was a replacement.

SideCheickKick site profile image  

10/19/11 10:17 AM by SideCheickKick

Against?He fought 3.5 months ago.What's the urgency?

Poindexter site profile image  

10/19/11 10:04 AM by Poindexter

 I'd like to see him take another fight in the mean time.

ChicagoTom site profile image  

10/19/11 9:56 AM by ChicagoTom

They should give him da loot, give him da loot.

SideCheickKick site profile image  

10/19/11 9:47 AM by SideCheickKick

Completely different situations. Shogun has had recurring serious problems requiring surgery. GSP will almost certainly be fine in 4-6 weeks, just long enough to postpone the fight.Not to mention the LHW belt was being passed around like a collection plate, whereas the WW div is almost out of contenders.Stop this nonsense. If you really think Condit should'nt wait a few weeks for developments (because you're an idiot), then at least outline a great plan for who he should fight (and what happens if he loses).

SideCheickKick site profile image  

10/19/11 9:42 AM by SideCheickKick

Hey numnuts, who do you match Condit with on this kind of run? Only a couple of matchups make any sense, the most of which is probably Fitch. Does the UFC or Carlos Condit want to have one of the last contenders dry humped out of relevance? Literally no cons? How about losing your shot?GSP has a "bad sprain", and Condit fought fairly recently. You're acting like GSP just shattered his spine.

fightcity site profile image  

10/19/11 5:27 AM by fightcity

Agree I think he should take a fight with whoever. Look what happened to Evans when he pulled that shit. Dana does not like that shit either.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

10/19/11 5:08 AM by GageIsLegend

Condit will soon fight a legend as well and one of the greatest of all time?

Humphrey site profile image  

10/19/11 3:35 AM by Humphrey

this is a pretty stupid argument considering Diaz absolutely has not earned a title shot, nor has he EVER beat anyone that would constitute a title shot.Condit has earned this far more than Nick Diaz. Nick will be thoroughly exposed the minute he fights his first top tier (or high second tier) wrestler. He'll be beaten quickly.EDIT: it's tdunning I'm responding to, not you jhiggy